Monday, January 3, 2022

The 40% increased deaths and increased disabilities, revealed by the CEO of an Indianapolis insurance company, is huge. And then there is Kaiser

A friend confirmed it with the company.  I can't write much, but this 40% might be the beginning of the end, finally, for these fake vaccines and the great reset they were designed to usher in.


In another startling move, a group of Kaiser docs and other employees has blown the whistle on Nicola Klein, MD, PhD and sly Fauci wannabe.  Nicola is the head of Kaiser vaccine studies.  I bet you didn't know that Kaiser sells off its enrollees as subjects in mass vaccine experiments.  Nicola is the facilitator and often the principal investigator (PI).

For example, when thousands of American kids got the E-Z high dose measles vaccines, which increased mortality and was never licensed, it was Kaiser who gave it to them.

Very recently, when FDA licensed the Heplisav vaccine for Hepatitis B, FDA and its advisers acknowledged that the vaccine might cause heart attacks--but it would take about 50,000 people receiving it to tell whether it did so.  Who were those 50,000 uninformed dupes who were then given the new vaccine to see if it did grave damage?  Kaiser enrollees.

Nicola did some dirty science to "prove" the COVID vaccines were perfectly safe.  Paid for by CDC.  Presented to the advisory committees who rubberstamped approval for children, cause Nicola could not find any signals of harm for any diseases in the Vaccine Safety Datalink.  Kaiser data comprise a big part of the VSD. Published in the JAMA.  And cited by the AMA in its two amici as proof of the safety of the vaccines.

Well, she was outed for one of her transgressions by Kaiser authors in Oregon.

 "Three of these 14 patients had an ICD-10 code of I51.4 “Myocarditis, Unspecified” which was overlooked by the VSD algorithm. The VSD methodology identified 11 patients who met the CDC case definition for acute myocarditis or pericarditis. Seven (64%) of the eleven patients had initial care for myopericarditis outside of a KPNW facility and their diagnosis could not be ascertained by the VSD methodology until claims were submitted (median delay of 33 days; range of 12-195 days). Among those who received a second dose of vaccine (n=146,785), we estimated a risk as 95.4 cases of myopericarditis per million second doses administered (95% CI, 52.1 to 160.0). Conclusion: We identified additional valid cases of myopericarditis following an mRNA vaccination that would be missed by the VSD’s search algorithm, which depends on select hospital discharge diagnosis codes. “

BINGO!  The VSD analyses keep the numbers of cases down, in part, by failing to include all appropriate search terms from the 80,000 word Medra dictionary of medical symptoms and signs.  Nicola Klein, who has been shilling for CDC and the vaccine companies since the 1990s (chief vaccine “scientist” at Kaiser) and who “analyzed the VSD for myocarditis for the VRBPAC or ACIP or both, and looked for other AEs and couldn’t find them, is exposed by other Kaiser docs with access to the data!  She published her bogus, CDC-paid analysis in the Sept 3, 2021 JAMA.

I have a memory that in one old CDC study of myocarditis (maybe for smallpox vaccine) the analysts looked at about 30 search terms to identify cases.  Klein used 3 or 4 search terms, listed in the supplemental material for the JAMA article, and they did not include myocarditis, unspecified.  I doubt  that Kaiser Oregon has identified all the cases, either—but the authors clearly call out their shilling colleague.

Wish I had time to put in the links.  This is malfeasance and it is killing kids.  And adults.


Anonymous said...

I've been fooled a lot by dramatic sounding statistics - I wish there were more information regarding that 40% number. Is it something like there is usually 10 deaths, and now there were 14 (out of the entire country).

Are those insurance companies looking at bankruptcy or something like that?

But, what an amazing analysis about that Kaiser study and the fake data Klein used. Even now, after all this, I have such a bias toward believing "studies" that I get completely surprised. I hope a lot of people see this.

Pogo said...

Regarding Vaccine induced mortality. Norman Fenton (who is the Professor of Risk Information Management, Queen Mary London University) and his team have published this paper:
“Latest statistics on England mortality data suggest systematic mis-categorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination”
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.14176.20483

Although they don’t come out and say it, their analysis suggests strongly that the mRNA vaccines are:
(1) Ineffective and confer no benefit.
(2) The official figure showing the sudden drop in all cause morality in the unvaccinated during each rollout of the vaccines are actually vaccine induced deaths. Thus, indicating vaccines have a negative benefit over all.

Pogo said...

Dell Bigtree has interviewed Norman who in plain English walks Del through UK data on the incredible peak of excess deaths that occurred in the U.K. at the same time as the covid vaccine rollout.

A thought. Don't some of the actions of the government/advisers/CDC (eg., bans on doctors using their own judgement regarding off label prescribing), etc. amount to practicing medicine with out a licence in multiple instances?