Friday, January 14, 2022

DeSantis says Florida will not enforce the healthcare worker mandate; it will fine businesses that impose it. This will get interesting.

BTW, Mary Mayhew was the head of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services under the LePage (R) administration.  I met with her over vaccine mandates and she was lovely.  Then she threw us under the bus.  A true politician.

DeSantis casts aside CMS vaccine rule for hospitals

The office of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state will not enforce a federal mandate for COVID-19 vaccination in healthcare settings, which the Supreme Court upheld Jan. 13. 

"The state of Florida is not going to serve as the Biden administration's biomedical police," a spokesperson for Mr. DeSantis wrote in an email Jan. 13 to the USA TODAY Network-Florida

By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court upheld the regulation issued by CMS that mandates vaccines for almost all employees at hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers that receive federal funds. The court said the regulation was in line with detailed conditions that CMS requires for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. 

CMS issued the rule in November, but several court challenges prevented the agency from enforcing it nationwide, which the Supreme Court ruling clears. 

Remarks from the governor's office conflict with those from the Florida Hospital Association. 

"Yesterday's U.S. Supreme court decision makes clear that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services can implement and enforce vaccination requirements for nearly all employees of healthcare facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs," Mary Mayhew, FHA president and CEO, said in a written statement to Becker's

"Florida's hospitals are committed to ensuring access to care for millions of elderly Floridians who depend on Medicare. Hospitals are obligated to remain compliant with the programs' conditions of participation and must comply with this federal vaccine requirement now upheld by the highest court. Hospitals do not want to be caught between the state and federal governments and may still need clarity from the courts regarding federal preemption regarding the Florida state law."

A spokesperson for Mr. DeSantis said Florida's prohibition on vaccine mandates remains in effect for all industries, and there are no industry-specific loopholes. The prohibition includes fines up to $50,000 per employee violation. "We will be evaluating next steps for enforcement in the coming days," the spokesperson wrote in an email to the Tallahassee Democrat. 


Anonymous said...

Since the mandate is up to the states to enforce, Biden is S. O. L. in Florida.

Yes, this will be an interesting Morality Play.

By the time the Supreme Court hears Biden's suit against Florida, the covid vxxxines will be totally disgraced by wide swaths of public.

And should Biden still be alive, and go there. . . Florida, which is not fooling around, would bring to testify all manner of children permanently disabled by shots, thousands; women permanently sterilized, many thousands; testimony from families of the tens and tens of thousands outright murdered in nursing homes from the shots.

Whistleblowers of all stripes would be giddy at opportunity to testify against this heinous madness, along with aspiring medical professionals.

Folks like me, that cannot attend university or college, now, nor teach: -- unless I risk my life -- would gladly testify.

Folks like me, prone to anaphylaxis, who cannot get the shot even if they were safe, now cannot attend symphony hall, cannot apply to medical school, or attend any school, cannot teach at most schools outside of Florida, now.

5%--10% or 15 million to 35 million of us, prone to anaphylaxis are as of now permanently discriminated against by Biden. Permanently denied entry to many facets of society. . . for what?

For this:

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dear Dr. Nass. . . your courage and bravery against this moral turpitude, we love you for doing god's work!

At the end of the day, big gummit trying to "mandate immunity."

What of those with natural acquired immunity?

Why and how did it get to be that mandating immunity, via covid death shots, become ONLY road to immunity?

This put in stark relief relentless, utter absurdity of vxxx mandates.

Mandating Immunity exemplifies this craven, reckless crime against humanity.

Anonymous said...

These are crimes against Humanity. We will not stand down.