Saturday, January 29, 2022

Jeffrey Tucker hits it out of the park on the Great Trucker Revolt/ Brownstone Institute

Here is provide just a snippet.  Read the whole article please.  Canada's truckers have opened up a path back to freedom.

"... This is not really or just about vaccine mandates. It’s about what they represent: government taking possession of our lives. If they can force you to get an injection in your arm over which you have doubts, all bets for freedom are off. There must be evidence that you complied. The phone app is next, which gets tied to your bank account and your job and your access to communications and your ability to pay your rent or mortgage. It means eventually 100% government control over the whole of life. The technology already exists. Everything going on now with these passports is driving to this point. 

This is why the truckers are striking this way. It is an act of bravery but also of desperation. Once the tyranny of health passports arrives, there will be no escape. The window of opportunity to do something about this will have closed. So this is the moment. There might not be another one. Something needs to be done to fight for human rights and freedom, and put in place systems that make lockdowns and mandates impossible in the future..."


Anonymous said...

The lever gun won the west, the AR-15 will preserve our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Good article. I just hope this works. For all we know, this may backfire and governments will declare the truckers to be anti-vaxx "domestic terrorists" and do a crackdown on us. Conspiracy theorists warn the US has lots of "FEMA camps" which could easily become concentration camps...