Friday, January 14, 2022

People should understand that I was the person who uncovered the massive corruption in the suppression of the chloroquine drugs in June 2020

These 3 seminal articles are crucial to understand that many governments, states, provinces, corporations imposed unprecedented restrictions on the use of the chloroquine drugs at the start of the pandemic, which involved giving patients overdoses of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in several large clinical trials.  It also involved a fabricated article in the Lancet that alleged the drugs were deadly and got massive media play, before being retracted 13 days later as the databaseit was based on did not exist.

These articles are easiest to find on my mirror site, which my webmaster updated today:


Anonymous said...

May you have a Good Lawsuit??
Other Doctors? Patients, Class Action?, By Pharmacy's not letting Doctors prescribe, Ivermectin and Hydroxy? for Covid? Even Lord Fauci said he would use Hydroxy in March/April 2020? Then he may have received a call from his Financial Overlords?

Thinking, You have been Damaged by Pharmacy's not allowing you a Medical Doctor to Prescribe Ivermectin?Hydroxy? for your Patients? Vaccine Cabal okay to flaunt a Doctors Hippocratic Oath? A Pharmacy knows more then a Doctor?

What/Who's authority did the Pharmacy's use to stop Doctor's Prescriptions, Off Label, on Ivermectin/Hydroxy for Covid? FDA? Who?

1.) Veritas Documents Reveal 'DC Bureaucrats' Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — 'BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC.'

2.) Ivermectin 'Works Throughout All Phases' Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents.

3.) Attorney Letter to Pharmacy Ivermectin for Doctor:

How Dr. Brian Tyson "persuaded" CVS to fill his ivermectin prescriptions
Tyson retained an attorney, Matthew P. Tyson (no relation), to draft a letter that was hand-delivered to the pharmacy. He's not had any trouble since then.

Anonymous said...


The UK government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system!

PAGE 23 : waning of the antibody response over time and (iii) recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.

In particular, vaccinated people do not appear to form antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein, the envelope of the virus, which is a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people.

PAGE 11: The rate of a positive COVID-19 test varies by age and vaccination status. The rate of a positive
COVID-19 test is substantially lower in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated individuals up to the age of 29. 'In individuals aged greater than 30, the rate of a positive COVID-19 test is higher' in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated.

Unknown said...

These are excellent. I have been sharing the first far and wide since you wrote it. Required reading. And very damning evidence of the bad actors.

Pogo said...

This is what a neuropsychological evaluation should look like.

Anonymous said...

Omicron variant Boosters can wane 4th Covid shot may be necessary Moderna CEO covid – Vartahub

Jan 04, 2022 · "We can't vaccinate the planet every four to six months. It's not sustainable or affordable," Professor Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group

Oxford Vaccine Expert Says Giving Regular Booster Doses ‘Not Sustainable’
Published On : Jan 5, 2022

However, Oxford vaccine expert Sir Andrew Pollard recently said that regular booster doses every four-six to fight Covid may not be a sustainable way to prevent Covid infections. “Administering booster vaccines to everyone every six months was ‘not sustainable’,” Pollard was quoted as saying. “We can’t vaccinate the planet every four-six months. It’s not sustainable.”

Moderna CEO St├ęphane Bancel said at Goldman Sachs' Healthcare CEO Conference last week that he expects protection provided by the booster against Omicron to wane. "I would expect that it's not going to hold great," he said, referring to the efficacy of a third vaccine dose over time. 

Pfizer CEO Says There Will be 3 Booster Shots per Year and That Toddlers will be Included

CEO Pfizer 3 or 4 boosters Per Year maybe more depending on variants.

Anonymous said...

Had a love one, almost died from the Pfizer Vaccine, Blood Clots.

Love one still trust the Govt, after close call ? Blind Trust?

Unknown future problems with Vax, plus Main Stream Globalist Media Corrupt.

Hopefully People can Share and use the Information.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Paxlovid will be of use? They are making a big deal of it in the Bay Area, but the news article reads like a Pfizer press release. The other one from Merck sounds hideous, from what I've read.

OldLeonB said...

I cannot thank you enough for your writeups on this topic, and absolutely, more people should know about them. They changed everything for me. I couldn't get any of my "woke" family and friends to read any of them, though; got odd replies such as

* "Sending love."
* "I can't believe that there could be a conspiracy against hydroxychloroquine."
* "If you can find a doctor willing to proscribe [sic] Hydroxychloroquine he can do it right now. You will probably have a little trouble with that as most doctors believe in science."
* "I'm worried about you; hydroxychloroquine is dangerous!"

Of course it's painful to learn that our own governments are OK with killing millions of people in order to move an agenda forward. I get it. But denial will get us all enslaved. I just keep waiting for any little cracks in the "denial dam" that I might be able to get through later. Hope springs eternal.

Thank you again from a devoted reader.