Sunday, October 24, 2021

White House ready to ship out 15 million child size COVID vaccine doses the week the vaccines are authorized by FDA and blessed by CDC

Kids 5-11 will be receiving their COVID vaccinations in the pediatricians' offices, from people they trust, according to the White House.

Does anyone else think it is fishy how at the beginning of the roll out, you had to go to huge vaccine centers to get your shot, where no one could actually explain things to you?  It was claimed this was because special extra cold freezers were needed. I'm not sure why you needed a stadium for special freezers--Because Science, I guess.  I now suspect it was so your trusted primary care doctor had no opportunity to tell you about potential risks and unknowns.

It seems those special freezers are no longer an issue...

Now the issue is making sure those trusted sources have the info Mr. Transparent Himself Fauci wants them to convey.

"Murthy said that ensuring that parents had the answers to their questions was "really important," and so they have been working hard with doctors, nurses, teachers, parents and other community organizations to make sure that people can get the answers to their questions from trusted sources.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said getting kids vaccinated can help ensure the safety of their entire family during an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on "Prime Time" Wednesday evening. Fauci recognized "parents have valid questions that need to be answered" about vaccinating their children.

"It's up to us to be very transparent with them, and to give them the correct answers to the questions they ask," he continued. "I think if we do that, I hope that the vast majority of parents will realize the real benefit for the children to get vaccinated."'

 Benefit to Pfizer?  Fauci?  Klaus Schwab?


Anonymous said...

Why is nobody paying attention to the 4th Amendment?

Traditional vaccines were used to provide a "target" for a person's body to build its own immunity against the pathogen, and they were utilized because there was no known cure or treatment for the disease in question. (Typically a deadly disease such as tetanus or rabies.)

The new mRNA poison (masquerading as a "vaccine") actually hijacks a person's immune system, targeting it toward a specific component of an antigen (the spike) by producing numerous toxic spikes in the body that the body's immune system is supposed to "target". The problem is that when the Fauci-funded and engineered virus mutates, the spike changes and the immune system isn't set to target any other component of the virus. The variant virus comes in, the immune system fails to conquer it, and the person becomes sick. Breakthrough!

Back to the Fourth Amendment. "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and SEIZURES shall not be violated"... without a warrant.

If I have a balloon full of heroin up my kazoo, and the officials have a warrant to search me and seize it, that's one thing.

I cannot think of ANY reason or any statement on a warrant that would justify SEIZURE of my immune system!

My right to be secure in my person is constitutional.


Anonymous said...


1. The numbers of covid deaths has been padded in many ways since minute one of day one. The true number of actual exclusive covid deaths will never be known but is nowhere near over four million or whatever fictitious figure is floating around these days. Sorry. So right out of the gate the claims that supposedly fuel the panicked frenzy and urgency fall flat.

2. Most people under the age of 65 have a 99% survival rate, if they even show symptoms at all.

3. These so-called vaccines were rushed to market, and no one knows all (though we've been seeing a number of them) the short-term or even long-term effects of them, though over 10,000 have died, and while that number is small when compared to the many millions that have taken the vaccine, that gives no comfort to people that needlessly lost loved ones.

4. They aren't true vaccines anyhow as they do not inoculate people from getting the virus or spreading the virus.

5. If covid was the deadliest virus since the dawn of humanity as it is being portrayed, then why is it that every trick in the book to either frighten, bribe, or discriminate people into taking the so-called vaccine is being implemented? Shouldn't all people be banging down the doors to take it?

6. If masks worked, why the "vaccines?" If the "vaccines" worked, why the masks?

7. No pandemic, including many much worse than this, has ever been responded to in any of the ways the fear-mongering hysteria has been towards covid. That is yet another warning flag.

8. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc and other products readily available for years have shown to deal with the virus very well and at a tiny cost to consumers.

9. Fauci and virtually everyone involved in this from top to bottom since the beginning has been repeatedly caught spreading lies & propaganda as well as flip-flopping.

10. Limitless illegals being ushered into the country at breakneck speeds with no concern shown whatsoever as to their covid status. Are we to understand they are all immune and incapable of carrying?

11. We are constantly told this is an all hands on deck situation, and yet they are allowing or forcing thousands of people in the medical profession to be fired or to abandon their jobs because they don't want to be forcibly vaccinated. Either it's an all hands-on deck situation or it's not. If we're getting ready rid of people then clearly it's not.

Anonymous said...

October 24!!! Sweden EXTENDS halt of Moderna's vaccine for those under 30!! this is major!!! Finland, Norway, Denmark all join!!!

Sweden's Public Health Agency on Wednesday recommended a temporary halt to the use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine among young adults, citing concerns over rare side effects to the heart. It said the pause should initially be in force until December 1, explaining that it had received evidence of an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) and inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis).