Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Putting together the work of pathologists and data scientists: Have there been 150,000 US deaths resulting from COVID-19 vaccinations?

Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine? Pathologists now have answers.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good synopsis of the conference. However, it's important to note the limitations of these findings:

1. They relate to only 10 people.

2. Death was considered "very likely" related to vaccination in 5 people and "probably related" in 2 people. In the other 3 people the relationship was "unclear" (1 person) or not present ("no causal relationship," 2 people).

3. The interval between vaccination and death was ill-defined and quite variable. It ranged from 8 days to 68 days from the most recent vaccination (some people had received just one dose of a 2-dose series). And in 6 people the interval was longer than 30 days post-vacc.

4. All 10 people were over 50 years of age (range, 54-95 years); 6 people were over 70 years of age.

5. None of their medical histories were considered, as the slides were all obtained from the pathologists who had performed the postmortem examinations, so any serious comorbidities (pre-existing conditions) are unaccounted for in this case series.

That said, I became even more determined to avoid vaccination after seeing Dr Burkhardt's histo slides (which he presented in a press conference I watched).

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If you got the vaccine, you almost certainly have some if not all of these non-biological structures in your blood and other tissues, including brain tissue.

Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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1.) VigiAccess was launched by the 'World Health Organization' (WHO) in 2015 to provide public access to information in VigiBase, the WHO global database of reported potential side effects of medicinal products. Side effects – known technically as adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) – are reported by national pharmacovigilance centres or national drug regulatory authorities that are members of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring (PIDM). WHO PIDM was created in 1968 to ensure the safer and more effective use of medicinal products. Read more about the background and purpose of the WHO PIDM here.

KABOOM! It's been cracked. WHO and it’s records via VigiAccess.

2.8 million accepted Vaccine Adverse Reactions.

946K Neuro issues

88K blood disorders

107K cardiac issues

80K eye issues

450K gastro issues

100K psych issues

640K muscle and connective tissue issues

Only 298K investigations so far.

2.) 2.8 million adverse reactions. And if the Harvard study showing that VAERS likely only gets 1 percent of the actual adverse reactions applies to the WHO data, we can divide 2.8 million by 0.01, which gives us 280 million. We can't know whether that's even close to accurate, but we can be pretty certain that 2.8 million is WAYYYY low.

3.) For consideration, reported number in parenthesis from the VigiAccess site:

Deep vein thrombosis (10913)
Thrombosis (9828)
Pulmonary embolism (15336)
Respiratory distress (3193)
Abortion spontaneous (2853)
Hypersensitivity (13599)
Anaphylactic reaction (10186)
Anaphylactic shock (1615)
Portal vein thrombosis (487)
Palpitations (36661)
Tachycardia (25518)
Myocarditis (8368)
Pericarditis (6112)
Arrhythmia (5774)
Atrial fibrillation (5450)
Myocardial infarction (4035)
Angina pectoris (3098)
Cardiac arrest (2719)
Bradycardia (2209)
Acute myocardial infarction (2102)
Cardiac failure (2072)
Lymphadenopathy (68883)
Lymph node pain (8981)
Thrombocytopenia (5882)
Lymphadenitis (1819)
Immune thrombocytopenia (1789)
Anaemia (1488)
Coagulopathy (830)


Anonymous said...

300 'breakthrough' deaths in Massachusetts according to state Department of Public Health data as of Oct. 2, 2021, after full COVID-19 inoculation. [And 12,059 total in USA?]

40,464 breakthrough cases in Massachusetts [and 1,627,585 total in USA?]

This, "counted as those who test positive more than 14 days after the final dose of vaccine" involving COVID-19 shots, and only these.

This, based on "4,633,805 fully vaccinated people and there were 40,464 cases in vaccinated people" as of Oct. 2.

300 death in Mass/4633805 total fully shot = 0.000064741610836

This is a rate of 0.0064741610836%, or 0.000064741610836, of those dead, as a statistic to calculate the entire US number of breakthrough deaths of those after "fully vaccinated" with covid shots.

According to the CDC, currently 186,385,751 "fully vaccinated" using same criteria of "fully" data captured morning of Oct. 7 2021.

186,385,751 * 0.000065 = 12,066.9 breakthrough deaths in USA, assuming Massachusetts DPH is valid statistic.

If Massachusetts data statistic is accurate, this means:

12,066 breakthrough after covid shot deaths in USA.

The CDC VAERS currently reports 62 breakthrough deaths.

This would mean breakthrough deaths are under-counted on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System by a factor of nearly 200. In other words, nearly 200X more actual deaths than reported on VAERS.

12,066.91375662/62 = 194.627641235825459541.

The calculation shows factor of 194.6 times more reported to Mass. DPH compared to VAERS information on breakthrough deaths.

Massachusetts DPH as of Oct. 2 reports 40,646 cumulative breakthrough cases -- "Vaccination began December 14, 2020; the earliest date at which individuals would be considered fully vaccinated is January 19, 2021"

This is a rate of 0.8732348% or 0.008732348.

40,646/4,633,805 = 0.008732348.

For USA, if this statistic is accurate, then USA total breakthrough infections = 1,627,585.

186,385,751 * 0.008732348 = 1,627,585.327

Current CDC VAERS data collected indicates 627 total breakthrough cases for entire country.

Massachusetts, 40,646.

Based on proportions of "fully vaccinated", the VAERS data is undercounted by factor of 2,595.829868.

That is, if Mass. DPH statistic is valid, there would be 2,595.829868 times more breakthrough cases reported to VAERS.

If statistic is accurate, this is factor of 2,595.8X of undercount, in VAERS.

186,385,751/627 = 2,595.8

VAERS shows

6-17 years 4
18-29 years 27
30-39 years 50
40-49 years 49
50-59 years 92
60-64 years 69
65-79 years 191
80+ years 135
Unknown 10
Total 627

Breakthrough infection by age, assuming Mass. DPH stat is accurate, would actually be more like, for entire country, by age group:
6-17 years 4*2,595.8 = ~ 10,383
18-29 years 27*2,595.8 = ~ 70,086
30-39 years 50*2,595.8 = ~ 129,790
40-49 years 49*2,595.8 = ~ 127,194
50-59 years 92*2,595.8 = ~ 238,813
60-64 years 69*2,595.8 = ~ 179,110
65-79 years 191*2,595.8 = ~ 495,797
80+ years 135*2,595.8 = ~ 352,012
Unknown 10 10*2,595.8 = ~ 25,958
Total [1,629,143]627*2,595.8 = ~1,627,566
However, because the VAERS undercount appear so extreme, validity of above distribution can be questioned.

The VAERS breakthrough after covid shot death distribution as follows by age:
40-49 years 1
50-59 years 2
60-64 years 9
65-79 years 19
80+ years 28
Unknown 3
Total 62

Assuming Mass DPH statistic accurate, actual distribution of breakthrough after covid shot deaths as follows:
40-49 years ~ 194
50-59 years ~ 389
60-64 years ~1,751
65-79 years ~ 3,697
80+ years ~ 5,449
Unknown ~ 583
Total [12,063] ~ 12,066



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