Monday, October 4, 2021

The employees are disappearing and the chaos is about to begin. Which side of history will you be on, oh traitorous public health officials?

NYC Education Department expects to lose 5,500 workers, according to today's NY Post.  They are seeking subs.

The Washington Post tells us that nationwide, only 60% of police, firemen and EMS first responders are vaccinated.

No one knows how many military servicemembers are saying no, but it is a lot.

These folks, like me, do not need more "education" to quell our "vaccine hesitancy."  We know a pig in a poke when we see one.

If it takes the following to coerce adults to be vaccinated, something is obviously wrong with the vaccines:

1.  Refusal to accept proof of prior immunity (positive PCR test, positive antibody or T-cell test, positive prior rapid antigen test) or even some combination of same.  Why are the tests good enough for the FDA to accept their results in vaccine trials but not good enough for citizens to use?

2.  Changing the definition of immunity to exclude immunity from having had the disease, even when that confers provably much stronger and more long-lasting immunity

3.  Changing the definition of vaccines to include mRNA and DNA gene therapy products as vaccines, and then regulating (authorizing and approving) them as vaccines, instead of using the stricter regulatory standards for gene therapy products

4.  Throwing money at people to get the vaccine with lotteries, college tuition payments, $400 bonuses, free food, time off, shaming the unvaccinated, etc. reveals the desperation to vaccinate us.  Why?

5.  Issuing federal mandates that are likely unconstitutional (because the states regulate the practice of medicine), coming from an obviously demented president, does not convey a sense of gravitas about the decision.

Somehow there seems to be a desire to create chaos in our schools, healthcare system and police/fire/first responder system.  Why?  Maybe those stories about deliberate acts to create food shortages are true?

Without regular boosters there is no need for vaccine passports aka green passes aka any other warm and fuzzy term they can conjure up to convince us they are going to be really wonderful for us.  But we remember the Germans and the Soviets and the Chinese social credit score.  You can keep them.  We're not buying it.

The Israelis are on shot 3 and it hasn't helped them at all.  

Do they really think we are so stupid that we don't understand why they are putting the kibosh on ivermectin, just like what was done with hydroxychloroquine?  We know they are trying to tighten the screws on us to force us to get vaccinated, and take the new drugs from Merck and Pfizer that might be almost as good as the old generics at fighting Covid--using the same mechanisms of action.  In other words, these new drugs are actually acknowledging that the old (impossible to obtain) ones work.

Don't forget that when Fauci, Walensky and Peter Marks were in the Senate a couple months back and were asked how many of their employees were vaccinated, they dodged, and finally all said "about 60%."

These are the people in the know, and at least 40% weren't buying these vaccines.

We are the healthcare workers.  We have seen the injuries.  We know the vaccines don't work well and are quite dangerous to boot. Despite your bought media, we know the vaccine emperor has no clothes.  We know your messages are mostly lies. 

You can take your Covid vaccines yourselves... except it seems like those in the federal agencies, the ones regulating them, don't want them either. 

And for those who have stopped us from accessing hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and now even the supplement NAC, especially those with MDs after their names, I have something to tell them.  We know who you are.  And our memories are long.  Figure out which side of history you want to be on.

And one more I forgot.  There are at least 1,000 of us for each one of you.  Maybe 100,000.  What are your odds of coming out on top after issuing anti-health rules, restricting life-saving medicines and funding bat GOF research that has killed millions?  I suggest you become a whistleblower now, if only to save yourself.  The collaborators did not fare well after World War 2, did they?


Anonymous said...

"These folks, like me, do not need more "education" to quell our "vaccine hesitancy." "

Ha! My education, which equips me to evaluate the veracity of vaccine safety and efficacy claims, is the very reason that I am NOT getting vaccinated against COVID.

So, by their reasoning, I would need less education, not more, in order to fall for this dupe.

Ron Goes said...

According to Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, formerly of the WHO, currently professor of public health, Geneva; the definition of immunity was changed by Tedros under a new health dictatorship create by Tedros and the CCP. All of this was under Gates From this point

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

5,500 is only a tip of the iceberg. They are only referring to the number of teachers that will leave their jobs, but not a single word on the back stages worker that work for schools- security personnel, plumbers, electrical support, facility repairs/support teams. Schools are not just teachers. The same is with the hospitals, it is not just nurses and doctors. If those people are taken into account the number is much worse.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, it seems like the greatest fear people have of losing their jobs -- at least among my colleagues -- is the fear of losing their medical benefits. For example, my employer's contribution is over $1,300/month. For a family, or single person with dependents, the idea of having to pay their own insurance premiums out of pocket is horrific and terrifying if they are fired. The irony here is that we are now living in a regime where the so-called practice of medicine itself is terrifying. With everything we are discovering about these injections, the medical establishment itself is literally trying to kill you.

OldLeonB said...

Thank you for this, Dr. Nass.

Your question about food shortages resonates. Last year, when we entered that phase of having to wait in line to get into grocery stores, I told my husband that they want to condition us for long bread lines later.

I used to like my Kaiser physician, but after she told me last Fall that she wouldn't prescribe hydroxychloroquine if I got COVID, because Kaiser follows NIH guidelines, I now pay out of pocket for an independent physician and never want to see her again.