Monday, October 25, 2021

Governor de Santis says that if people are forced by their employer to be vaccinated, and then become ill, the employer will be liable for damages!!!

I think the Governor has voiced an idea that will destroy the mandates. And he is calling back the legislature to act on the issue.

While the PREP ACT provides a huge liability shield for everyone involved with vaccinations of EUA products, the EUA requires that people be informed about what is known about the product and have the right to refuse. 

Well, a lot of negative information is now known, but it isn't being provided on the "Fact Sheets"

And people are not being given the right to refuse.

Furthermore, as the Governor points out, employees are not being issued religious and medical waivers, as required by federal law.

I think these failings will void the PREP ACT protections.  Employers will become liabile for damages, especially since the federal government did not put into place laws/regulations/orders to back them up.

As soon as employers realize they are the ones left holding the bag, mandates are over.


John said...

Behavioural Insights Team … Nudge Unit … if your partner was using mind games and other psychological tricks to make you do what he or she wanted, always with the undisguised threat of unhappy consequences should you fail to comply or submit to those wants, you’d be right in thinking you were in an abusive relationship with that person.

Here’s the thing for me: For months, years now, I’ve been fighting to stay afloat in an ocean of numbers and statistics. They fly in the air like bullets and shells from all sides. It’s been like standing in no man’s land in the middle of an endless battle. I have mostly stopped reading the numbers and simply remind myself that this all began with three weeks to flatten the curve and yet now we face hobbled lives for ever more.

Neil Oliver
Oct 21, 2021

Political Cabal to Quote a Physicians Online Blog, We’ve been, “played like a Fiddle”, in ongoing Covid19//
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in global nuthouse psych ward be much friendly place with real humans instead of politicians from who knows what planet??

John said...

“So, in no particular order, I no longer trust the political class,
scientists, medical professionals, the judiciary, the media and others besides.

Neil Oliver
Oct 21, 2021

2nd the motions

Winston Smith said...

There's a guy John Campbell manages to stay on Youtube questioning some of the Covid narrative. He had a vaccine injured professional mountain bike racer on recently. I believe he said he's going to testify before Congress. If more and more likeable people like this can get out there and a lot of Americans can see and hear from them I think the insanity of the mandates will become clear to most people.

Kyle's vaccine experience

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Good on him. That is very sound thinking: the person who most immediately administered or directed the harm is the one most intimately involved in causing the harm - and the person who was in the best position to prevent the harm.

Anonymous said...

Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming. A politician talking reason and showing true leadership.