Monday, October 25, 2021

Melbourne decided the Australian Open Tennis is more important than the shots, when the star and 35% of players refuse to submit to their BS requirements

  • Leaky vaccines, leaky tests, leaky case definitions.  
  • Ridiculous anti-science refusals to acknowledge the much stronger, more long-lasting and reliable immunity that comes from having had the disease.  
  • Politicians who want to destroy economies and families before they admit they were so very wrong about everything.  
  • Public health officials who use viral segments like lego pieces to create new and ever more virulent pathogens--then lie repeatedly about it, build elaborate coverups, and increase their salary by 68% because they have taken on "biodefense work" to save the population.
And now, to save the Australian Open (goodness knows how much the Ozzies make from TV rights alone, plus all the tourism this huge tennis event engenders) they have tossed the most egregious BS overboard.

Are you a tennis star?

Then come in to our country.  Forget the vaccine and the passport.  Please play.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that keeps happening here with sports. For example, footie players, and even entire teams, able to jump borders and not have to meet all of the stringent requirements which prevent actual residents of the state from coming back in, simply to play in pivotal games.

There is one rule for sports (but not for other entertainment, mind) and another for the rest of us. But then, sport is a religion here. There's even a public holiday in Victoria for the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that the rules are being relaxed or waived for tennis players in the Australian Open. It is a big moneymaker, and a source of national pride.

The good news is that the more carve-outs there are to the universal mandates (whether masks, lockdowns, isolation/quarantine, or vaccines), the more the whole thing starts to weaken and then buckle.

So, celebrate these egregious inconsistencies; they mark the beginning of the end of this whole ridiculous charade.