Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Chicago threatens retirements of police who refuse vax--Hardball but it won't get by a judge


Chicago police officers could face repercussions, including losing retirement benefits, if they choose to not comply with the city's vaccine mandate, according to a memo from the Chicago Police Department...

Un*******believable.  Why do they want to vaccinate us so badly?


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2.) Heroic Nurse “Smuggles” Ivermectin to Dying Patient, SAVES A LIFE! (Video)

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Timeline of Treasonous Fraud from the Top


The Corona “Pandemic” Timeline: What Happened in January March 2020?
Author’s Introductory Note
Facts corroborated by official statements reveal that the Covid pandemic which served to justify the Lockdown is deceptive to say the least.
This article will focus on the Corona Timeline starting in January.
These are some of the highlights:
1. A Covid Vaccine had already been envisaged several months prior to the “official” discovery of the virus in late December 2019. The Covid Vaccine initiative was discussed and debated at the annual World Economic Forum WEF meeting in Davos on January 21-24, 2020.
2. On January 30, 2020, the WHO confirmed that there were 83 positive cases outside China including 5  in the US, 3 in Canada, 4 in France, 4 in Germany.
Based on these ridiculously low numbers the WHO launched a Worldwide public health emergency PHEIC

4. On the following day, January 31st, 2020, President Trump decided to suspend Air Travel with China. The five WHO “confirmed cases” in the US were sufficient to “justify” a far-reaching decision which triggered a crisis in international trade and air travel, which is still ongoing, not to mention the bankruptcies of the airlines and the tourist industry.
5. On February 20th, the WHO Director General Tedros held a press conference warning that a pandemic was imminent, intimating “that the chance to contain the coronavirus outbreak closing, “I believe the window of opportunity is still there, but that the window is narrowing.”

These shock and awe statements have no scientific basis. On February 20, 2020, the recorded number of covid positive cases was ridiculously low: confirmed cases outside China was 1073 out of population of 6.4 billion.
Tedros’ statements nonetheless served to trigger the 2020 Corona Financial Crash. The fear campaign went into high gear. The evidence suggests that the stock market crisis was engineered. There was no cause for alarm.
6. On March 11, 2020 the WHO Director General officially declared a Worldwide  Pandemic at a time when the number of  confirmed cases outside China 6.4 billion population was of the order of  44,279 and 1440 deaths recorded by WHO for March 11, see table right
Immediately following the March 11, 2020 WHO announcement, the fear campaign gained impetus. 193 member states of the United Nations were instructed to implement the lockdown and close down their economies as a means to resolving a Worldwide public health crisis.
We can distinguish and identify three important decisions January 30-31, February 20, 2020, March 11, 2020 which served to set the stage of the ongoing corona crisis
Jan 30, 31, 2020: Worldwide public health Emergence declared by WHO 83 cases outside China
Feb 20, 2020. WHO Warning that a pandemic is imminent, leading to stock market crash 1073 cases outside China
Mar 11, 2020, The Lockdown and the recommended Worldwide closure of economic activity as a means to resolving an alleged public health crisis.44,279 cases outside China. At a time when the covid crisis in China was virtually over.
These ridiculously low numbers of estimated positive cases based on the PCR test do not under any circumstances justify the lockdown and closing down of economic activity.
In the wake of the March 11, 2020 Lockdown supported by the fear campaign the process of testing went into high gear.
There is now ample evidence that the estimates resulting from the PCR tests used to justify the “Second Wave” lockdown measures are flawed and invalid.
The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’√Čtat and the “Great Reset”
Michel Chossudovsky, February 2, 2021

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August 1, 2019:  Glaxo -Smith -Kline and Pfizer announce the establishment of a corporate partnership in Consumer Health Products including Vaccines.
Sept 19, 2019: The ID2020 Alliance held their Summit in New York, entitled “Rising to the Good ID Challenge”. The  focus was on the establishment of a vaccine with an embedded digital passport.
Oct 18, 2019. Event 201. The 201 Pandemic Simulation Exercise
Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very severe pandemic. We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people.
Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019.“We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019
Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019.”
December 31, 2019: First cases of pneumonia detected and reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province. China.
January 1, 2020: Chinese health authorities close the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market after Western media reports that wild animals sold there may have been the source of the virus. This initial assessment was subsequently refuted by Chinese scientists.
January 11, 2020 – The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission announces the first death caused by the coronavirus.

January 21-24, 2020: Consultations at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland under auspices of  the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations CEPI for development of a vaccine program. CEPI is a WEF Gates partnership. With support from CEPI, Seattle based Moderna will manufacture an mRNA vaccine against 2019-nCoV, “The Vaccine Research Center VRC of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of NIH, collaborated with Moderna to design the vaccine.”

Secretary Wilbur Ross says “coronavirus will be good for checks notes American jobs “I think it will help to accelerate the return of jobs to North America."

President Trump on tape, on February 7, saying that the coronavirus is "more deadly than your you know, your, even your strenuous flus." But he minimized the threat in public. On February 26, he told the public "I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away."

Trump tells Woodward he played down the threat of the coronavirus.
"I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don't want to create a panic."

He also tells Woodward that "plenty of young people" are vulnerable -- different from his public message
Sept 9, 2020

March 27, 2020: The CIA warns its employees not to take hydroxychloroquine, the medication touted by the president, because it can result in sudden death.
The CIA’s message to employees states: 
“At this point, the drug is not recommended to be used by patients except by medical professionals prescribing it as part of ongoing investigational studies. There are potentially significant side effects, including sudden cardiac death, associated with hydroxychloroquine and its individual use in patients need to be carefully selected and monitored by a health care professional.” 
“Please do not obtain this medication on your own,” it adds in bold text.
The same day: A $2 trillion dollar stimulus bill–the CARES Act–passes through both the House and the Senate and is signed by President Trump.

President Trump removes Glenn Fine as the chair of the Inspector General of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, a committee in charge of overseeing the $2 trillion.

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Yep, hard to figure. Normally attacking the police union in such an overt manner would be political suicide. (I want to add, "especially in a town like Chicago", though that is just an impression...) Where is Lightfoot getting her cover to get away with that?

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If you're in charge of group health (public health or just your employees') and you believe the mantra that "the COVID vaccines are safe and effective," then these are the steps you would take, with great conviction and unwavering determination, to keep your people safe from "this deadly virus."

Of course, it's now provably false that these vaccines are safe and effective. They are neither. But if you don't have a background in the medical sciences (or if you do, but you're afraid to act counter to the federal COVID response), then you may not know that - yet.

It's up to each of us to keep presenting the data, amongst our circle of influence, which shows the truth. It's also important that we keep highlighting new data which further illuminate or amplify the facts. I've grown really tired of repeating myself, but it's essential that we keep going, as there is tremendous power in the "safe and effective" mantra. For one thing, it's what scared people want to believe!

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Covid19 Global Apartheid?
The South African concert that history somehow forgot The Forward


I believe, and have believed for many years, that autism is caused by vaccination.

The word autism is used, like the word cancer, as an umbrella term for a range of different problems.

Patients with autism are said to have development disorders which affect their ability to interact socially and to communicate with other people though this is a fairly recent interpretation and the word is used as a catch-all for a whole range of problems. (In one medical dictionary on my shelf, autism is defined as ‘morbid self-absorption’.)

These days, I suspect that the word is used more as a dustbin word rather than an umbrella word. It helps the profession appear to know what is the matter when they don’t and, at the same time, it enables them to avoid taking any responsibility for what has happened. The word is used to describe almost any symptoms which doctors cannot explain.

Autism can be anything from a mild behavioural problem to severe brain damage. Social workers and others play the game because it enables them to build well-funded empires around the ‘care’ of autistic patients. For governments it is, of course, a lot cheaper to provide ‘care’ for autistic patients than to acknowledge that these children have been made ill by official vaccination policies and should have been provided with vast amounts of compensation.

I believe that the epidemiological evidence supports the idea of there being a link between vaccines and autism.

The number of children being diagnosed as suffering from autism has rocketed as the number of children being vaccinated has rocketed. Once rare (as recently as the 1990s it was generally accepted that autism affected no more than 4 or 5 people in every 10,000) but it is now officially accepted that it affects far more than this – and is constantly rising.

Indeed, figures in other countries show that the incidence of autism is rising in all developed countries, and how anyone can deny the possibility of a link between vaccination and autism is quite beyond me. The epidemiological evidence is overwhelming. If vaccines are known to cause brain damage isn’t it logical to assume that they can also cause the disease which is known as autism but which would in many cases, I believe, be more properly and honestly known as brain damage?

I have been suggesting that there is a link between ‘autism’ and vaccination for decades and no one has yet discredited my theories.

Doctors and drug companies and politicians much prefer to talk about autism rather than brain damage because the former suggests a natural disease while the latter suggests that there may be an external cause. I’m afraid that innocent and desperate parents collude with this nonsense because they prefer to describe their children as autistic rather than as brain damaged.

The drug companies (and the doctors, hospitals and politicians who support them) all claim that there is no link between autism and vaccination. (But then they would, wouldn’t they?). They claim that there is no convincing scientific evidence proving a link between the two.

On the other hand there is no convincing scientific evidence disproving a link between vaccination and autism.

When a research project was set up to investigate the link, drug companies applied to a London court for an injunction to stop the research. Now why would they do that?

The fact is that it isn’t up to me to prove that vaccines cause autism.

Given the overwhelmingly convincing epidemiological evidence it is up to drug companies and governments to prove that vaccines don’t cause autism.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

Vernon Coleman’s bestselling book on vaccines and vaccination is entitled `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: here’s the proof’.

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Looks like we are going the way of BOOSTERS like Israel.
Despite high vaccination rate, Covid cases surge in Israel!
Ivermectin, Hydroxy, Infusion's and Natural Immunity discarded?, Israel mostly Vaxed in the Hospital?

1.) ''I Will NOT Give This Poison'' - Pharmacy Manager Quitting Safeway - Refuses to partake in GENOCIDE?
2.) Dr. Carrie Madej Releases FIRST LOOK at Pfizer Vial Contents?
4.) Here’s the once carefully concealed CCP plan to collapse the USA! (Video)?

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1.) MUST SEE: Government Reports Show Vax is a Chinese BioWeapon
Data shows a very difficult and dark winter is ahead.
Serious auto-immune diseases will skyrocket.

2.) A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

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Those in charge of this action do not feel they need to follow the truth or ethics or science. It is simply unnecessary.

The only thing necessary is to get the public to do what they desire. Therefore arguing facts or morals is irrelevant to the discussion.

The only language they speak is power and control.

Furthermore, they do not mind imprisoning people, economically devastating people, Stealing money and power, falsely accusing people, killing older adults, killing young people, and killing or maiming children. All of that is OK in order to reach the objective.

This is the evil we are up against here. Trying to argue truth or facts with them isn’t going to work. And if your truth starts working on the public, they will just make up new stories to refute you. Or they will actively cancel your communication, or actively cancel you – whatever it takes.

This is a war. None of us asked for it, but we have it. And they aren’t fighting the army, they are killing your grandmother and your mother and sister – and they want to kill you and your children.

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BREAKING: NIH Today Corrects False Statements by Directors Collins and Fauci – 'the NIH Did Fund Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan'!


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The Deep State has counted on Fauci to be the insider to shipwreck Trump. By working with China and the Swamp he has earned Best Actor in a Coup of disinformation and flip flop Science. He can tell you it’s only raining while he is pissing on the US Constitution for Globalism.

Trump was reducing the Drug raping by Big Pharma and they were running out of big pay day drugs. No Big Pharma – No Big CDC, NIH and FDA.
Fauci is a sociopath and a psychopath like many infiltrating the US bureaucracies.