Friday, October 15, 2021

Southwest Airlines and Delta cave on vaccine mandate: tell employees to request a religious or medical waiver! They don't want to fire any of them!

I would not have believed it if I had not heard the Southwest CEO say it on air

Delta too:

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Anonymous said...

Stating "The Science"!
1. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID, it just makes the symptoms much better and less deadly.
2. The vaccine does not prevent spreading COVID.

Since this is not like a polio or measles vaccine and people still get COVID even if vaccinated, there is no study out there that shows that the vaccine actually prevents variants from popping up, right? If there is, please cite it. Also given the way mutations work, and if COVID still infects vaccinated people, it isn't even clear that a mutation that survives in a vaccinated person is just as dangerous as the Delta variant from an unvaccinated person.

If someone smokes and gets lung cancer, we still treat them but their voluntary behavior gave them a deadly disease.

All this screeching from tyrannical liberals is NOT based on science. They just love control and are virtue signaling to the extreme.

Unless you are willing to outlaw alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, excess sugar and to make everyone exercise, vaccine mandates are hypocritical and NOT based on science.

Now, if I am wrong about "the science", please cite a study that shows that, in a situation where a vaccine only makes the symptoms better and doesn't actually stop infection, how that reduces the risk of a mutation.