Wednesday, October 13, 2021

I was at a meeting in Europe and have not had time to post for a week

Sorry about that!  I am fine.  There is a ton to catch up on.

I was afraid this would happen:  the compounding pharmacy in Maine I was using has been unable to obtain more ivermectin.

A compounding pharmacy in NYC still has some.  I am investigating the reason for the bottleneck, but so far no one has provided a good answer.  The NYC pharmacy is Vitahealth Apothecary on First Avenue in Manhattan.

The article below this one, on QR codes by Peter Koenig, is probably very important.  This is the first time my colleague Michel Chossudovsky (founder and editor of GlobalResearch and a very impressive scholar) has asked me to repost anything.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass, I just assumed you were celebrating your Italian-American heritage. How did you get to Europe? I thought that all of us “anti-vaxxers” were black listed from international travel. Am I a victim of misinformation again? Glad you’re still in the fight.

John said...

Could explain some of the inconsistencies ? ?

Dr Vernon Coleman GP More Evidence they want you Dead

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

I have been to switzerland twice and Italy once since June. Each time I was not sure how it would go. I have also flown domestic a lot.

In June I needed an official invitation to come, and a rapid test. The PCR I'd obtained at my local hospital took 5 days to provide a result. So it needed a repeat.

For this trip my European friends advised me to fly to Milan and then get a ride with another conference goer. There was no questions at border crossings. MY rapid test evaporated after 48 hrs; PCRs are good for 72 hours. So I got bumped off my first flight, had to get a new test ($225 at JFK) and stay overnight at a hotel. Emirates was practically empty. I had 3 seats to myself each way. Slept like a baby.I got a test in Milan airport just to be safe: 20 euros only. 4 euros in the grocery store.

There were demos in Milan over the green pass.

In some countries you cannot go into a restaurant or other places without the pass. People are mad.

I think the police, fire, EMTs, nurses, some docs pilots are willing to say NO. When enough say no they can't impose this nonsense..

Now that Greg Abbott has banned mandates in Texas, how will the hospitals that fired employees save face?

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the EU's Green Pass allows any of these three circumstances: vaccinated, recovered, or tested.

That is, proof of vaccination OR proof of immunity (prior infection) OR proof of a recent negative test for SARS-CoV-2.

It's not just about vaccination, as the more hysterical elements of the resistance would have us believe.

That said, any sort of electronic "pass" to go about our lawful business is worrying.

Anonymous said...

I said no to my school and they are letting me (and others) do weekly testing.

Dr. Nass, hope you had a lovely trip.

Anonymous said...

Mummamia Salute Chin Don!!!!

Boys who have the covid jab are far more likely to die than girls. The obvious need is to study hormone levels of those falling ill. But that’s what would happen if the covid jab experiment were being treated as the experiment it is.

I’ve been sued, threatened and had piles of writs so thick that they could only be pushed through a cat flap. I’ve had private detectives hunt me down and writ servers banging on my door. I’ve had papers stolen and I’ve had death threats. I’ve been door stepped by journalists. But I’ve never known the lies, libels and abuse that have become commonplace in the last 18 months.

I accidentally pressed a button on the steering wheel and a voice appeared out of nowhere. Cars really are too damned complicated these days. The steering wheel in our car has 23 switches and buttons and levers. I counted them today. The only one I know is the horn. Today, when I accidentally pressed one of the other buttons by mistake a message came up on the central screen. `Who do you want to speak to?’ Since I did not have a mobile phone with me, and there is not one in the car, I have no idea what this message meant.

Remember: to obtain cheaper electricity you will almost certainly have to accept a smart meter in your home. Don’t do it. Once they have put a smart meter in your home they have control over you – and can turn off your electricity whenever the fancy takes them. The Chinese are already experiencing electricity rationing. Smart meters will make it easy for the authorities to cut off your power

The confidential medical records of 1.6 million people in Britain were handed over to Google without the knowledge of the individuals concerned. It appears that back in 2015, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust made a deal with Google. I have long argued that confidentiality is no longer respected in medicine. Google (and YouTube) must now be the world’s most evil company. Monsanto and Goldman Sachs are in second and third places.

If you are looking for sharp, entertaining and relevant videos look no further than those by my good friend Dr Colin Barron on Brand New Tube. They are the funniest and most apposite videos on the internet and I commend them to you. If you haven’t seen any then you’ve a treat in store.

The local council has removed a statue but no one knows why. I heard someone say that the subject of the statue (whose name no one seems to know since the inscription had long since weathered away) had a close friend who parked on a double yellow line in 1642.

I see that one or two football managers have spoken out in favour of the covid jab. Since they feel qualified to make a judgement about an experimental drug I think I am qualified to make suggestions about football. Why not play eleven goalkeepers? This should stop the other side scoring and ensure that the worst result is a draw. I suspect my advice on football is infinitely superior to the advice on covid given by football club managers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

Anonymous said...

Thank you for describing the travel process Dr. Nass!