Sunday, May 2, 2021

Just how much COVID-19 vaccine money (and how many doses per person) is on the table? A whopping $157 Billion through 2025, report says (and 8 doses apiece)/ Fierce Pharma

It is hard for me to fathom what is going on.  The article below indicates that the Pharma industry does not think Covid will be going away; instead it will switch from pandemic to endemic, with outbreaks here and there--apparently justifying lots of vaccine boosters. Harvard's Marc Lipsitch, PhD had this interesting comment in the May 3 NY Times:

Reaching a high level of immunity in the population “is not like winning a race,” Dr. Lipsitch said. “You have to then feed it. You have to keep vaccinating to stay above that threshold.” 

Moderna says it will produce up to1 billion doses of vaccine in 2021, but it is expanding and expects to produce 3 billion doses/year starting next year.

UPDATE May 4:  Pfizer says they will produce 3 billion vaccine doses in 2021.

Netanyahu says Israelis need to anticipate another shot for themselves, and their children (after the first 2 Pfizer doses) in 6 months.  Two month ago, Netanyahu was looking to buy 36 million more doses, 3 times what had already been purchased.

On March 11, 2021, the Washington Post reported that the US had bought enough vaccine to fully immunize 3 times as many adults as live in the US--nearly 8 doses per person, since most comes from Moderna and Pfizer.

So, if we are truly anticipating that Covid will become an endemic illness, don't we instead require a better, more long-lasting vaccine, instead of untested shots that need to be repeated every six months, and whose longterm side effects are a huge question mark?

Why does the EU (9 shots pp), Israel (8 shots pp) and the US (almost 8 shots pp) need so many shots? 

Since there is no need to vaccinate those who have recovered, and some estimates are that they include half the population, but doses have been bought for everyone, and CDC insists we all need them--is this not actually about Covid protection?  It is certainly possible the immunity the shots provide will last for years. Do the powers that be have a telescope into the future? How can they possibly know that everyone needs so many injections? Or that the shots will be safe in children and babies?  Why is there no visible concern for possible side effects?

More and more and more studies are showing that the Spike protein, the main immunizing ingredient in all the licensed Covid vaccines, is actually dangerous, causing damage to blood vessels throughout the body, including the brain.

What is really going on? What is the true reason for these vaccinations?  Why was the spike protein chosen as the main antigen for all the Covid vaccines? 

From FiercePharma:

Drugmakers who seized the opportunity to develop vaccines against the coronavirus are on their way to reaping significant revenues.

Exactly how much money is on the table?

In its annual forecast for global drug spending, the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science put the figure at $157 billion through 2025.

It’s one of the many intriguing projections in this edition of IQVIA's annual drug spending forecast, the group’s first since the coronavirus pandemic put the worldwide economy on tilt.

For example, IQVIA projects global spending on medicines to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025, an increase from $1.25 trillion in 2019, representing annual growth of 3% to 6%. The $1.6 trillion figure does not include spending on coronavirus vaccines.

“We reflect what we expect to be happening over the next five years in terms of the drivers of change in demand for medicines and spending on medicines,” IQVIA executive director Murray Aitken explained in an interview.

In regard to global COVID-19 vaccine spending, IQVIA projects roughly $53 billion this year and $51 billion in 2022. The group sees a precipitous drop in total spending in 2023, to roughly $23 billion. 

The spending decrease over time can be attributed mostly to a drop in price rather than demand, Aitken said. While IQVIA puts the average cost per dose at $22 this year and $19 in 2022, Aitken sees prices falling to approximately $9 per dose by 2023, then to $7 by 2024 and all the way to $5 by 2025.

“We think the prices will keep coming down as we get beyond this immediate period of trying to get everyone vaccinated,” Aitken said. “There are 11 vaccines in use in one part of the world or the other and there may be more coming, so we can expect that prices will decline over time.”

Other factors that will influence global vaccine spending include an increased availability of single-shot options, an increased supply to developing countries and the need for booster shots for those who have already been vaccinated.

In coming to its estimates, IQVIA also took into consideration planned global manufacturing capacity, vaccinations to date, announced rollout strategies and company contracts.

The group assumed an average of 1.8 vaccine doses per person this year and next. From 2023 to 2025, when boosters will presumably be in use and more single-shot vaccinations will be available, IQVIA shifts the average to 1.3 doses per person.

Another assumption in the model: IQVIA believes that by the end this year, 40% of the world’s population will be in countries that have achieved herd mentality. By the end of 2022, 70% of the world’s population will be vaccinated.

For the purpose of the estimate, IQVIA also assumed one-shot boosters on a two-year cycle in the 2023 to 2025 period, though this issue has yet to be resolved by vaccine producers.

Making projections during a pandemic is risky business, IQVIA admits in its report. 

“The impact of COVID-19 defied expectations throughout 2020 but the evolution from pandemic to endemic is reasonably certain even if the interplay between vaccination levels and periodic outbreaks around the world remains challenging to predict," the group said.


Anonymous said...

My fear, which is becoming stronger by the day, is that COVID was the knock that opened the door, but its the mRNA vaccines that is actually the pandemic...!

Anonymous said...

How much deadlier are gain of function SARS MERS ...biological laboratory warfare recombinant viruses if, “accidentally released” from BSL4, P4 labs?

Anonymous said...

So Meryl, what is being reported by family members, but ignored by the FDA/CDC/NIH/NIAID, is that vaccinated people are actually massively shedding the “spike protein” to unvaccinated family members or others who come in close contact with the vaccinated individual.

There are literally thousands of reports of unvaccinated family members having immediate negative health effects, including children, right after a household member is vaccinated. Most especially, pregnant women are experiencing miscarriages and other effects at an alarming rate. Sperm counts are reported almost non-existent. Other unvaccinated family members are reporting strange bruising over their bodies after a family member gets the vaccine. Medical doctors and nurses are reporting these events in videos and websites all over the world. GreenMedInfo’s Sayer Ji has written about it on his site, and RFK Jr. has the article up on the Children’s Health Defense site as well. The article explains that Pfizer’s trials team knew about this problem with the mRNA vaccines, and seemed very concerned about the impact to pregnant woman.

Therefore, the FDA issued an EUA for a technology that inflicts medical harm on citizens, men, woman, and children who have not consented to receiving the vaccine. The impact being described here is uncontrollable. Consider the woman colleague who goes to a meeting in her office. Sitting next to her is a man, all proud of himself for having just gotten the vaccine. He sheds synthetically generated spike proteins to her and one week later she miscarries. All it takes is close proximity. And since the developers and FDA will not divulge information about how long the vaccinated keep producing and shedding the spike protein - we have to assume it’s a permanent feature.

The FDA knew this, or should have known this when it issued the EUA. This is medical fraud and a complete violation of the “first do no harm” oath. Releasing a gene-editing so called vaccine, some call it a medical device, with an obvious predilection to interfere with the reproductive capabilities of women and men, is a form of genocide. And the FDA had to have known about this. Of course the Dark Prince - Gates - had this planned all along. And Fauci will do essentially anything for money - including sell his soul.

Legally, the EUA is invalid as it was issued during the commission of a crime. The liability protection the government gave Pfizer and Moderna is worthless when criminal medical fraud is involved. The lawsuits will completely destroy “Big Pharma”, and finally take down the Gates/Fauci criminal enterprise.

But the lives of those unborn babies, lost to the eugenists and the greedy, can never be replaced…

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Many people are reporting symptoms after contact, especially sexual contact, with vaccinees. That does not necessarily mean the transfer of spike protein. This phenomenon, if it exists, needs to be studies to determine what, if anything, is being transferred.

I await more information.