Saturday, May 8, 2021

Nancy Messonier Resigns from CDC--she led Covid Vaccinations and Safety Analysis of the Vaccines

I don't know why Messonier was sacked.  Is Rochelle Walensky now taking the reins at CDC?  Is she understanding how she has been undermined by CDC staff who have given her multiple stupid pronouncements to make.  Offhand, I recall her promise in the NYT before Biden was inaugurated to not lie to the public (probably written by Schuchat or Schuchat's staff).  Then her CDC was caught out lying just a few weeks later.  The pantyhose mask gaffe stands out.  The mistaken claim that Covid vaccines were proven safe in pregnancy, which Walensky had to take back the next day.  Walensky probably now grasps that her staff has hung her out to dry, repeatedly.  

Walensky should be aware that Anne Schuchat and Amanda Cohn also hung her out to dry by lying to Representative Thomas Massie, an MIT grad and scientist, about their error in recommending that recovered Covid cases also be vaccinated. They did this twice, after telling him the "mistake" would be corrected, then not correcting it.  Because they apparently intended to vaccinate recovered patients... despite the fact there is no benefit to anyone from doing this, and it increases the risk of ADE and other potential advese reactions, including death. 

So much for not lying to the public.  These CDC officials who once earned MDs (but chose to avoid patients) even brazenly lie to Congress! As they deliberately harm Americans for motives that remain obscure. Who gives them their orders?

I thought I would compile some of the blog posts I have written that featured or included Nancy Messonier. Here they are:

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