Wednesday, May 26, 2021

At least 18 teens and young adults hospitalized in Connecticut with myocarditis after Covid vaccines/ NBC news

Connecticut only has 3.56 million people.  All 18 young people discussed here needed to be hospitalized. How many developed myocarditis and were not sick enough to be hospitalized? This is a condition that may result in permanent cardiac damage, and sometimes death.  CDC last week said "relatively few" vaccine recipients developed this condition.  But if we extrapolate from Connecticut's population to the whole US, there may have been about 1700 young people already hospitalized with this vaccine complication.  (Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle and sometimes other parts of the heart, is well known after smallpox vaccine and also has occurred after other vaccines)

Symptoms occurred on average about 4 days after vaccination, which is why they could be linked to vaccination.  Symptoms appearing later are likely to be considered coincidental.  

Giving children these experimental vaccines right now makes no sense at all.  Both blood clots and myocarditis seem to be more common in young people than older people.  But the young have so much less risk from Covid, and apparent high risk of serious complications from Covid vaccines, the risk-benefit ratio seems to me to be strongly against vaccination.

Can we please take a good look at the 1005 kids who received the Pfizer vaccine in its age 12-15 clinical trial? What happened to them?  There seems to be one death in VAERS.  Where are the data?

At least 18 teens and young adults in Connecticut have shown symptoms of heart problems after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, acting health commissioner Dr. Deirdre Gifford said Monday.

Gifford said all but one of the young adults hospitalized for signs of heart problems have been released. Four of those young residents were hospitalized at Yale New Haven Health and three at Connecticut Children's.

"All of the cases that were reported to us were hospitalized, the vast majority for a couple of days," Gifford said at the governor's regular Monday COVID-19 news conference. "One individual that we’re aware of is still hospitalized. The other 17 have been sent home and they’re doing fine."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is investigating after a small number of teens and young adults reported having heart problems after being vaccinated for COVID-19.

A CDC safety committee released an advisory last week to alert doctors of “myocarditis” among younger vaccine recipients after a “relatively few” cases of the unusual heart symptom surfaced.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday during a press briefing that President Joe Biden has been informed of the reported cases and that the administration will continue to advise young people to get vaccinated.

“Our health and medical experts still continue to convey that it is the right step for 12- to 15-year-olds to get vaccinated, that these are limited cases, and that, obviously, the risks of contracting COVID are certainly significant even for people of that age,” Psaki said.

Health officials say the reported cases appear to be mild and typically begin within four days after the second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.               

The CDC has yet to determine if the vaccines were the cause of the reported heart condition.

“What’s important to know and to recognize is that the rates that we’re seeing of myocarditis are no higher than what we would experience normally,” Dr. Ted O’Connell told NBC San Diego. “So, we don’t know if it’s associated with the vaccine or not.” [How can you tell if a CDC spokesperson is lying?  If their mouth is open.--Nass]

What are symptoms of myocarditis?

In mild cases of myocarditis, common symptoms include chest pain and shortness of breath.

In more serious cases, symptoms can include rapid or abnormal heart rhythms, shortness of breath during rest or physical activity, fatigue, and fluid retention with the swelling of limbs.

Medical experts at Mayo Clinic say myocarditis can be fatal if not treated immediately. Heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death can occur in severe cases.

What are signs of myocarditis in children?

When children develop myocarditis, some signs and symptoms can include fever, fainting, difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, and rapid or abnormal heart rhythms.

Health experts urge both children and adults who may be experiencing any of these symptoms to immediately seek medical attention.

How can myocarditis be treated?

In many cases of myocarditis, the inflamed heart condition can improve on its own.

Mayo Clinic doctors say treatment focuses on the cause of the condition and symptoms, such as heart failure and shortness of breath.

Doctors recommend getting a lot of rest and taking medication to help fight off the infection. Experts say that although antiviral medications are available, they are not proven effective in treatment for most cases of the heart condition.


Anonymous said...

The clinical manifestations of Myocarditis range from virtually asymptomatic states with vague signs and symptoms, to severe myocardial destruction by virus and immune cells yielding cardiogenic shock and arrhythmias. It can be induced by a bacterial infection, or severe immune response induced by viral infection. When an infection reaches the heart the immune cells that fight the infection enter the heart causing it to become thick, swollen, and weak, leading to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

In the context of Covid and vaccines being administered to the young, the benefit vs. risk question clearly should be front and center. Most young people who get Covid clear the virus via their innate immune system, without showing any symptoms. They also develop antibodies that will attack if again exposed to the virus - natural immunity. After being injected by a billion mRNA cells from Pfizer or Moderna, that then starts the body producing spike proteins. Thus, it appears the myocarditis is resulting from Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a know issue with mRNA technology. And ADE is MORE prevalent in those with stronger immune systems.

Of course, the FDA/CDC/NIH/NIAID know this is true. They know that the 40% - 50% of the population that already had and recovered from Covid will also be at risk for this and other ADE related issues. They NEVER mention the treatments that exist for Covid, and they NEVER mention the dangers inherent in the mRNA vaccine technology. They pretend vaccine recipients are protected, but they know the vaccines do not prevent Covid. They continue to tell pregnant women to take the vaccine even though miscarriages are up 3000%. The tell EVERYONE to get the vaccine, no matter their pre-existing conditions, of Covid status.

One can only assume that the depopulation and mass sterilization agenda being executed by Gates and Fauci - as agreed to by the crowd in Davos - takes precedence over all. This is intentional. They are playing their hand and have NO INTENTION of responding to all the evidence of harm. In fact, they actively try and suppress it. They will NOT change course.

The time has come for THE PEOPLE to respond to this evil. There are maybe 1000 people driving this DAVOS death train, and it’s not too hard to find them where they live and work, the world over - the survival humanity depends on it. THIS MUST STOP NOW.

Anonymous said...

The more I read about these vaccines, the less I trust them and for good reason.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell if a CDC spokesperson is lying? If their mouth is open.--Nass Thank You Very Much, for the CDC valuable information.
In our area we are now in a state of contradictions with about half wearing masks and half not while the mandatory masks required for months suddenly dropped to not mandatory though many business decide on their own to continue masks. Some businesses have a policy now, of no mask no service regardless no longer mandatory. Businesses no longer requiring masks still have about half of customers wearing masks and half not wearing masks. Some businesses require worker to continue wearing masks while optional for customers. Glad to see some workers get relief from masks that many complained about wearing for entire work shifts masks on for 40 hours week or more. Makes for entering phase of, ‘theaters of the absurd’ in contradictions half n half n masks half not in masks.