Friday, April 30, 2021

Do you want to hear a very brave doctor (Tess Lawrie) start out talking about corrupt data , and finally beg her colleagues to remember their oath and end their complicity with an evil system? Don't miss this. 8 minutes


Anonymous said...

According to the government, 1973 ROE v WADE legalizing abortion, this decision is about many things, including:
- Judicial review and appeals
- Due process
- Human rights and civil liberties
- Right to privacy
- Patients' rights
- Common law

". . .The principal thrust of appellant's attack on the Texas statutes is that they improperly invade a right, said to be possessed by the pregnant woman, to choose to terminate her pregnancy. Appellant would discover this right in the concept of personal "liberty" embodied in the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause; or in personal, marital, familial, and sexual privacy said to be protected by the Bill of Rights or its penumbras,see Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U. S. 479 (1965); Eisenstadt v. Baird, 405 U. S. 438 (1972); id., at 460 (WHITE,J., concurring in result); or among those rights reserved to the people by the Ninth Amendment, Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U. S., at 486 (Goldberg, J., concurring). . ."

Exact same principle applies to vaccinations, especially experimental drugs, the concept of personal liberty in Bill of Rights.

Ron Goes said...

Thank you!!! The dam has broken; India has just approved Ivermectin for use. So the use will go up outside Uttar Pradesh and Kerala.

From the comments of this blog: "What was amazing to me was the response of the non-medical administrators to our little experiment. Echoing the national medical establishment, some of the docs in town were overtly negative and insulting of the studies that have been done. The criticism truly borders on racism. It has been amazing to me in this current era that this behavior has not received more play in the media. When the admin people noted the huge decrease in hospitalizations, one of them commented out loud in a meeting for all to hear – “What have the national authorities been correct on so far? It has been a lying clownshow for the most part. IF this works and is really safe, it is a WIN-WIN for everyone.”

Ron Goes said...

Here's an account from your beloved Zimbabwe:

KRolson said...

An Amazing statement. Dr. Lawrie's statement is true, and is how I have felt about the medical and research communities for the last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Very emotional presentation. This whole charade can be stopped with brave doctors like this coming forward.

Anonymous said...

Superb. Thank you for sharing.

OldLeonB said...

Thank you for this, Dr. Nass. Dr. Lawrie also provided a recorded message for Patrick Coffin's Truth Over Fear summit scheduled for this weekend. Lots of great speakers scheduled. Signed up and took a peek yesterday (4/30), then went back to work. Should have taken the day off to watch them! Today, anything "" steers to with a “Something went wrong” message. Ditto for a friend of ours across town, so not just us. Maybe our town? I doubt it.

Unknown said...

All I can say is "wow"...she is brave because this will bring scrutiny down on her. I thank her for her dedication to her patients. I am an RD and what I see is that our country's diet, nutrient poor, has made the population vulnerable to covid and any other virus. I don't understand what it will take for the medical professionals to stand up like Dr Lawrie, when we learned so many years ago from Marcia Angell, how big pharma has corrupted medical schools, scientific research, and government oversight of those areas.

Anonymous said...

Dr Lawrie uses the phrase "sociopathic billionaires." Dr. Kory recently used the phrase "disinformation campaign" and said outright that the reason to block IVM was to get the EUA through to OK the vaccines.

What we're witnessing is a transformation of career researchers' and clinicians' understanding of the world they work in. Fascinating and disturbing...These are not "conspiracy fringe" people.

lynnbrad said...

I want to keep listening just to be in company with such a great mind and heart. Sincere thanks to you both for continuing to speak out with humility and truth, no matter how difficult. Lynn Bradbury

ML said...

When I heard this speech last week at the conference, I got misty-eyed myself. Dr. Tess Lawrie is a true Covid warrior. She has the gentility, conviction of spirit, brilliance of mind, and steadfastness to pull it off. I adore the blustery Dr. Pierre Kory and the adorable Dr. Paul Marik with his Clorox coffee mug, and so many others too numerous to name, but Tess shines so very brightly. She’ll always be my hero.

Michelle said...

Has this video been taken down? The link does not appear on my side.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Still up at my end

John said...

Very moving especially cancer Med waited to pull that knew didn’t work except side effects until after seller billions of dollars of “medicine” to patients, outrageous with physician crying about the corruption in tears..

Covid too, recall months requirements ordering your loved ones to wear lousiest masks no optimum protection if really needed do not wear N95 or N99 if masks even worked.

Certainly requirements of must wear lousy masks on how ridiculous predicaments people are in.

The stay home policy at length easily calculate real tragedy of many who thus ignored symptoms of other serious conditions of some readily treatable conditions in areas where medicine not yet corrupted physicians could of saved if not so hindered at length in enormous onslaught of misinformation like never before in medicine for public consumption. Conclude this must easily have many nurses and physicians more then stupefied?

If serious risks would certainly be more like full biowarfare for deadly viruses in comparison mandate wearing unprotective if needed lousier masks.

Don’t think, extremely doubtful, any scientific study would find sufficient at all required lousy insufficient masks for anything, yet required at length with many ongoing loved ones in known lovey equals no protection masks!

Speaks for itself loudly.

This is very aggravating to see such widespread disregard by “big medicine “as non experts to attempt to counter calculate what’s really happening in bewilderment called medicine as never before seen so publicly and globally?