Saturday, May 15, 2021

MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson interviews Peter McCullough, MD, PhD, Vice Chair of Medicine at Baylor Medical School. 45 mins


Anonymous said...

Thank you! An absolutely must see video. At minute 35:00, Dr. McCullough says the spike protein from the vaccine does cause damage, which refutes the recent amended statement from the Salk researchers who tried to say the vaccine induced spike did not act the same as the disease spike.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is definitely a "must watch". One thing I've been wondering, where are the credible investigative reporters on this story? The Glenn Greenwalds, the Matt Taibis, the Seymour Hershs? There is a monumental gold mine just waiting to be unearthed here -- by those with the connections and experience of such digging.

Anonymous said...


Why not put in the original source instead of this bootleg copy?

I always strive to quote the original sources and give credit, and have driven a lot of traffic to your blog also.

Thanks, Brian

dave said...

Dr. Nass,

Have you read this paper published by researchers from the Netherlands & Germany or seen this video clip summarizing their work? They report that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine may induce complex reprogramming of the innate immune response system. While their study has yet to undergo peer-review, the findings are revelatory to say the least.

I would appreciate your thoughts/comments.