Tuesday, May 18, 2021

After smearing me and the film Plandemic 2 for saying that SARS-CoV-2 came from a lab, Politifact backtracks on the origin of SARS-Cov-2

Here is Politifact quoting me from the film Pandemic, which Politifact then disputed by citing a March 17, 2020 Nature Medicine article, which I had mentioned in the film as being bogus.  Now, it seems, many have awakened, after being spoon-fed an analysis of the facts by Nicholas Wade, and realized the Nature Medicine paper makes absolutely no sense.

"I feel quite convinced that this was a laboratory designed organism."

— Dr. Meryl Nass, internal medicine specialist

POLITIFACT August 18, 2020:  Research shows that the virus could not have been created in a lab. An article published March 17 says the genetic makeup of the coronavirus, documented by researchers from several public health organizations, does not indicate it was altered.

Here is what Politifact says now, May 17, 2021.

Some scientists have argued that the lab-leak hypothesis deserves to be taken much more seriously than it was earlier in the pandemic, and that dismissals of it as conspiracy theory were premature. Claims of complete certainty on either side remain unfounded.

No mention, of course, of Politifact's previous smear of me and the movie. All the fact-checkers piled on me last August, as I described in a blog post, for saying the origin of Covid was a lab. Where are the rest of them now? Do the rest of the fact-checkers correct their facts?

Do the social media platforms that banned the movie resurrect it?


Anonymous said...

The experts that keep changing their stories are liars. But the people who accept the stories at face value and write about what they don't know, well, they are a special kind of stupid.

How long have we been told there is no early treatment for Covid? Well, maybe the dam is starting to break. I just saw a commercial in California on TV that is pushing Regeneron's monoclonal antibodies: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/O2Qr/regeneron-monoclonal-antibodies

It's not Ivermectin or HCQ, but it's a start.

And Dr. Nass, your honesty and research is why you are this nurse's go-to place for information.


Anonymous said...

These people have no gull. They put out bogus information which they eventually retract without any acknowledgement or apology. But they continue to berate anyone who has questions or challenges their ideas.

You are in the right Meryl.