Friday, May 14, 2021

It's Over/ WaPo

May 16 WaPoIn the past week in the U.S. ...

New daily reported cases fell 19.2% 
New daily reported deaths fell 16.5% 
Covid-related hospitalizations fell 12.6% Read more

Among reported tests, the positivity rate was 3.6%.

The number of tests reported fell 23.5%  from the previous week.Read more

Since Dec. 14, more than 273,545,000 doses of a coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the U.S.

More than 123,282,000 people have completed vaccination, or about 37.13% of the population. Read more in our vaccination tracker.

... But the pandemic as we know it — a massively disruptive, lethal and terrifying health emergency that for months and months has been killing at rates comparable to cancer — could soon begin a gradual fade into memory.

That, at least, is the current, rather nuanced and potentially confusing consensus of scientists and public health officials. They remain concerned about the threat of variants that may yet emerge with an array of mutations that permit the virus to evade the human immune response. But so far, the vaccines have remained effective.

The seven-day average for daily infections dropped below 36,000 on Thursday, about half the number reported in mid-April during a moderate spring increase in cases, and barely a tenth of the number from mid-January during the winter wave. Hospitalizations are at the lowest level since early October. Deaths remain at more than 600 a day on average, but also are gradually dropping as the infection pipeline is squeezed, and have not been this low since June 10. So far this month, the nation’s capital has reported no deaths from covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, on seven days...

U.S. officials have gained confidence that the virus will be brought under control in coming months. Cases are likely to decline sharply by July, according to some models released recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Anonymous said...

Reads more like damage control to me. The "experts" really stepped in it big time and now they have to find a way to back out of this disaster, while at the same time not admitting to any wrongdoing.

Frauds, all of them.

If we would have just educated people like we did during H1N1 (cough into your sleeve, stay home when sick) and treated early, Covid-19 would not have been much of a story. The only anomaly is Covid's vascular component, but that is treatable, and might not have been as big an issue with early treatment.

Welcome to the new reality: unelected health officials with the power to cage us in our homes with the next scamdemic.