Monday, May 31, 2021

It is well and truly over

Since the start of the declared pandemic, unprecedented things have happened one after the other, at a quicker and quicker pace.   It has made everyone's heads spin.  And as our rights were being curtailed, the US populace has mainly acted like deer in the headlights--stunned and immobile. 

Today's New York Times reveals that the 2 week new case average is now lower than at any time since March 31, 2020.  The one week average on deaths (I don't know why the Times presents the data this way) has not been lower since March 30, 2020.

The pandemic is just about over in the US.  Yes, there will be spluttering and pockets of cases for sometime to come, but they will be sparse.  IT'S OVER!  BUT DO YOU HEAR ANY SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS?

Here is what the NYT's online front page has to say.  No story, just the numbers, coupled with a warning addressed specifically to those in my county.  But we, like almost everywhere else, are seeing very few new cases. I will continue this story in another post, as the NYT is not letting me format properly after the below snippet.


Anonymous said...

The powers that be will be hard-pressed to let this be over. From the profiteering of big pharma, to the tentacular grip of big data, to the autocrats intoxicated on a power rush of dictat, this malign nexus will be unlikely to go gently into that good night.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what PCR cycle count is being used by most testing labs now? Perhaps it's only 35, which explains the big drop. If something like 28 had been used for all of 2020, which is what the CDC is using now for vaccinated people, then would there even have been a "pandemic" in the first place?