Monday, May 3, 2021

Excellent review of the origin theories of SARS-CoV-2 in plain English/ Nicholas Wade

Nicholas Wade interviewed me once, in 1998, when he wrote for the NY Times.  He then moved to Science magazine with 2 other science reporters from the Times. He is perhaps retired now, since his new opus is posted on Medium and in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

What this long report has, almost uniquely, is an absence of specialist jargon.  If you have the time for a long read and want to get into the meat of the origin story as explained by a writer skilled in making his work accessible to everyone, this could be the article to read. 

Origin of Covid--Following the Clues

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Anonymous said...

The article by Nickolas Wade was articulate and without a lot of scientific jargon, so thanks for posting it. He made a strong case that Dr. Daszak was easily proven to have lied to the world about the work he paid to have done in Wuhan. The contracted “gain-of-function” work was directly traced back the Anthony Fauci and the NIAID. The case for human creation of COVID was nailed with discussion of the extremely unlikely natural occurrence of the furin cleavage site, and further backed up with the knowledge that COVID19 doesn’t really infect bats very well - strange since they supposedly passed in on to humans.

But the article, like most, seems to go out of its way to blame China without considering other alternatives, nor did Mr. Wade integrate into his thinking what has happened since the virus appeared in the world to construct his narrative. In that regard, the thread about David Asher (State Department) who reported sources in the “intelligence community” told him of Wuhan Lab employees who were hospitalized in September 2019 was just mentioned but not explored. There was no mention the even earlier cases of strange illnesses around the Fort Detrick bioweapons lab.

In the blame game, the NIAID as embodied by Dr. Fauci who paid for all the work, is listed last (#4) on the list guilty parties. This is nonsense given the knowledge that Fauci has been funding this dangerous “gain of function” research for 2 decades. This is nonsense given the discussion that Wuhan was known to have a pattern of safety lapses - so why in God’s name did Fauci send this “very dangerous” research to a lab know for leaks? Well, it certainly makes a great cover story, doesn’t it.

Fauci is effectively an employee of Big Pharma. At the very same time the gain of function work was happening, Gates and Fauci were funding research into mRNA technology to be used initially in a vaccine. So, Fauci is funding research to create pandemic capable viruses, and Gates/Fauci are funding mRNA research to create an mRNA vaccine against pandemics.

Perhaps Mr. Wade should have explored another theory - the virus was built and released intentionally. Fauci moved the work to leaky Wuhan for political cover. Mr Gates, and likely other billionaires, has a stated goal to significantly reduce the population of the world, and has stated vaccines are a means to achieve that objective.

God help us all if he and the others are successful.