Thursday, May 27, 2021

This is the BEST video on Covid -19 by anyone: Dr. Peter McCullough--MUST WATCH! 1 hr 45 minutes

Plenty of information about treatment.

How a few doctors created a system to treat patients outside of the standard medical system, managing 10,000/day

How the federal agencies worked against the interest of Americans

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ML said...

Time well spent! Thank you, Meryl, for posting this. I’ve mailed it to 20 people. I hope all will take the required time to watch it. Critical listening.

Ron Goes said...

As long as the drumbeat continues for outpatient treatment; the more lives will be saved. Thank-you Dr. McCollough and Drs. Kory, Marik, Lawrie, Varon, carvarllo... et-al...we fought the good fight and let's finish it off for the good of the world.

Anonymous said...

I watched this right up to the point where he scoffed at Trump’s initial response to virus and claimed Trump’s statement on HCQ was weak. TDS gets you canceled. Every time.

Anonymous said...


Don't be too hard on Dr. McCullough.

I sort of cringed when the doctor made those comments, but seriously Mr. Trump made some tactical errors that put him in a no-win scenario. He underestimated the Swamp. He had really bad advisors and should have fired everyone attached to the previous administration as soon as he got in office. He put too much faith in government medical doctors on his team. By the time he realized he should fire Fauci, it was too hard, what with a hostile media twisting everything he said. And he did not come out strong enough for early treatment; but then again the media twisted everything the President said about HCQ. And still the former President keeps singing the praises of the vaccine, which is looking scarier everyday, as the side effects keep mounting.

There are too many people in places of authority that hated Trump more than they loved this country or their fellow man. Shame on them.

Michelle said...

This post is based strictly on facts which is why I have been reading it for over 15 years. My suggestion to prior poster, if you don't like facts then don't read this post.

ML said...

This reply is to Anonymous: Peter McCullough is a Trump supporter, so your response makes no sense. People need to be able to hold two opposing thoughts in their brains at the same time without being “canceled.” People who can do this (and there are very few who can) are the smartest people in the world. Trump’s response to the pandemic was abominable. He lied.. He said so many damaging and false things in the first months of the pandemic and caused untold harm. You can be a conservative who basically supports conservative ideas without throwing out the baby with the bath water. Being able to be aptly and appropriately critical of the former President is NOT a reason to cancel someone. You are acting every bit as badly as the “Blue Anons” as I like to call them, when you do this. Use your critical thinking skills. Peter McCullough is one of our few pandemic heroes as are the FLCCC team. Pierre Kory, by the way, has been a Democrat all his voting life and he is a fierce Covid warrior for the people. All of these people are a laudable bunch. Try not to be so officious and tribal. It’s an ugly way to be.