Friday, July 30, 2021

WaPo's big CDC scoop on Delta variant in the vaccinated is unintelligible. Was it meant to be?

Here is the WaPo article, which the paper exclaims is "free" for all, not kept behind a paywall like the rest of the Post.  So they want everybody to read it.  Perhaps a federal agency or vaccine company paid for the privilege?

In a nutshell:  WaPo reports that CDC admits that vaccination does not protect you against the Delta variant.  Unsaid is whether it protects you against the other variants.  

Has protection worn off, or was it missing for Delta to begin with?  That simple question is never addressed.  Might the vaccine make you more susceptible?  This is a rare possibility, if it induced blocking antibodies.

Or is antibody dependent enhancement occurring?  I don't think we know yet.

Ingrained in this message is is the hint that we will immediately need boosters--but they may not actually be boosters, if there is no immunity to boost.  We might instead need a newly designed vaccine.  Two more doses?  But not to worry, that was the whole idea of the mRNA vaccines:  new versions can be put together in a hurry.  And Pfizer has been working on it.

Don't forget, our government in its infinite wisdom contracted for a couple of billion doses.  What did they know that we didn't?

No doubt this story will stoke the market for monoclonal antibodies, a several thousand dollar treatment that only works in the early stage of illness, before you actually know whether you need it.

This article is allegedly based on a leaked  slide show from CDC.  And CDC is said to have its knickers in a twist over its vaccine "messaging."  How will CDC deal with the fact that government officials told a Big Lie last week about 99.5% of hospitalized cases being unvaccinated, when the truth might stoke vaccine hesitancy?  What message can they now use, having painted themselves into a corner?  

But why did they paint themselves into a corner?  Why did Fauci et al. make such an outrageous claim (the 99.5% one), when data from Israel, the UK, Singapore and elsewhere belied the lie?  

Much of the rest of the article is a collection of quotes from people to whom the WaPo showed the slides. Since these experts are vaccine boosters, what would you expect them to say?  Their remarks are vapid and unenlightening.

Of course this is more fear-mongering (CDC claiming that delta is the most virulent strain of all) designed to make us happily grab our retired masks and stop hanging with our vaccinated friends.  

And now the government is going to force a vaccine that doesn't work on millions of employees.

The one thing that is clear in this whole story is they want the ability to inject us with something, and to do it over and over.  We don't know why.  And they're not telling.

The NYT says half a million Americans are getting the shot every day.  Join the crowd!  The Europeans are besting us in the number vaccinated.  Do I believe the NYT?  

The NYT is confused tonight.  It has one article on the Delta variant-- CDC slides story, while it has another article claiming:

Although those steps fall short of a mandate, Mr. Biden also ordered the Defense Department to move rapidly toward one for all members of the military, a step that would affect almost 1.5 million troops, many of whom have resisted taking a shot that is highly effective against a disease that has claimed the lives of more than 600,000 Americans.

And Biden was late to get the message about the CDC slides, saying today:

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Mr. Biden said, calling it an “American tragedy” and talking directly to the 90 million Americans who are eligible for a vaccine but have not gotten one. “People are dying and will die who don’t have to die. If you’re out there unvaccinated, you don’t have to die. Read the news.” 

I guess those CDC slides really were leaked unexpectedly.  I had been wondering if the federal employee vaccine mandate might bring a few federal whistleblowers out of the woodwork.  Let's hope they keep the information coming.


Anonymous said...

Might this situation be somewhat analogous to the indiscriminate over-use of antibacterial products? That is, the widespread use of antibacterials actually leading to the propagation of ever more antibacterial resistant microbes? Similary, this big massive push to inject *everyone* with [whatever you want to call them] wishful countermeasures -- especially countermeasures that turn out to facilitate the hosting of adapting "variants" -- could be leading to ever greater virulence. It's this lack of discernment that is a great medical crime here. Rather than reserving the countermeasures for those small numbers who truly need them most, as opposed to dosing everyone indiscriminantly, might have been expected to preserve the efficacy of those products, while the population as a whole would have moved naturally to robust herd immunity.

M.R. said...

“COVID-19 is the first virus in history that needed a publicity and propaganda machine to keep reminding folks that it exists.”

Anonymous said...

The real message in all this is the ‘vaccine” is failing. The Delta variant tracks closely with vaccination rates, so it’s clear the vaccine is causing the Delta mutation. The unvaccinated in America are generally those who already had and cleared Covid. While the phony “cases” metric is being used again to stoke fear, Covid survivors - all 150 million of them - have virtually nothing to fear from Delta.

The vaccinated on the other hand have an innate immune system that was damaged from the vaccine, and are more likely to have issues with Delta (and should be prescribed Ivermectin, HCQ, or Budesonide). This is what is being seen around the world. But CDC is the outlier and tries to scam America yet again with made up nonsense. The R-value of 8 claimed by CDC has been laughed at by British scientist, who are months ahead of us with Delta. Their Delta “case” numbers are dropping like a rock - which would not happen in a R=8 scenario.

America does not need a new mask mandate, nor does it need a vaccine mandate, as we are fully at “herd immunity” since, thankfully ~65% of the population have strong, durable natural immunity - from being young and/or being Covid survivors.
What we need is a regulatory system that has not been bought and paid for by Pharma.

The pandemic is effectively over - unless Fauci/Gates releases a totally new pathogen…!

Anonymous said...

ADE in action already. A doctor friend of mine has just gone down with something nasty - headache, deep cough, diarrhea; let us call it COVID. This, at the height of summer, and she can hardly suffer from the lack of vit. D due to lifestyle.She is Pfizer double-jabbed, and she went down with COVID about a year ago.
So, having first acquired long-lasting immunity against SARS-CoV-2 (or whatever), she then had the great idea of scuppering it all with an experimental gene intervention. Now she says the first COVID was bad, but not as bad as what she has been experiencing now.
In the meantime, her husband, also a doctor, double-jabbed with AZ only had a case of shivers at night. I quizzed him on pathogenic priming - no, did not ring a bell. How about antibody dependent enhancement? ADE, you say? Vaguely familiar but needs looking up.
Dark Winter coming? Easily.