Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Tennessee's top vaccination official fired (and so, it seems, is the adolescent vaccine program) amidst anger over vaccinating children without parental consent/STAT

On Monday, the state health department also abruptly fired Michelle Fiscus, who served as the state's top vaccination official. Although her termination letter provided no details, Fiscus believed she was fired to appease state lawmakers, who were angered by efforts to vaccinate teens as young as 14 using a legal mechanism that removed the need for parental consent...

The Tennessee Department of Health will halt all adolescent vaccine outreach – not just for coronavirus, but all diseases – amid pressure from Republican state lawmakers, according to an internal report and agency emails obtained by the Tennessean. If the health department must issue any information about vaccines, staff are instructed to strip the agency logo off the documents.

The health department will also stop all COVID-19 vaccine events on school property, despite holding at least one such event this month. The decisions to end vaccine outreach and school events come directly from Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey, the internal report states.

Additionally, the health department will take steps to ensure it no longer sends postcards or other notices reminding teenagers to get their second dose of the coronavirus vaccines. Postcards will still be sent to adults, but teens will be excluded from the mailing list so the postcards are not “potentially interpreted as solicitation to minors,” the report states.

These changes to Tennessee’s vaccination strategy, detailed in an COVID-19 report distributed to health department staff on Friday, then reiterated in a mass email on Monday, illustrate how the state government continues to dial back efforts to vaccinate minors against coronavirus. This state's approach to vaccinations will not only lessen efforts to inoculate young people against coronavirus, it could also hamper the capacity to vaccinate adults and protect children from other infectious diseases.

And these changes will take effect just as the coronavirus pandemic shows new signs of spread in Tennessee. After months of declining infections, the average number of new cases per day has more than doubled in the past two weeks – from 177 to 418. The average test positivity rate has jumped from 2.2% to 5.4% in the same time period.

And from the same article:  "If the health department must issue any information about vaccines, staff are instructed to strip the agency logo off the documents."


Anonymous said...

First of all, it is irresponsible for minors to be injected with an experimental medical treatment under an Emergency Use Authorization. For this cohort, there is and never has been an "emergency". Many had and cleared Covid 19 with no symptoms - so they already have immunity, including to the "variants which are 99.97% the same as the original virus.

But a bigger issue is not being discussed here. There is no liability for vaccine injury by the manufacturers. And minor children have no health insurance of their own, as they are covered under their parents' health plan.

As we know, many health plans today come with huge deductibles and gapping holes in coverage. So if a minor child is injected behind a parents back and ends up in the hospital, who pays for that? Certainly not some state official who has violated the parents rights. Not the state or federal government. WHO???

So we have a situation where parents are on the hook for potentially massive hospitalization costs triggered by some medical fascist who believes they can override parents rights. Number one, the child could be damaged for life, for example, with heart damage. The deductible under "Obama Care" could be $ 10s of thousands of dollars the parents do not have available to pay. The financial hit might be a non-recoverable blow that breaks this family apart. How does that make any sense. How can ANYONE wonder why parents are incensed by even the notion of this happening, never mind it already has happened. It is unconscionable that a family can be destroyed by some A-Hole who bears no responsibility.

So, for all the do-gooders out there who scream we need to get all these minors injected , behind their parents backs - JUST SHUT THE F@%K UP UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO WRITE THE GODDAM CHECKS TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE WROUGHT ON THESE UNSUSPECTING PARENTS.

Anonymous said...

Graphene Oxide Touches Blood: In Vivo Interactions of Bio-Coronated 2D Materials: Blood Clots Vaccines?

Linda said...


I'm wondering if you can help me understand something. I know a few different people who have gotten covid twice! I personally know people who have contracted covid more than once. I also have friends who know people who contracted covid more than once. You hear this all the time in the real world.

Now I want to believe that natural immunity is stronger than vaccine immunity as in most other cases (chicken pox, measles, etc) but I don't know what to make of this. False positives? Even though many DID show symptoms twice? Is there anything else that can explain why so many people have got infected with covid more than once? Maybe the variants are breaking past natural infection as well?

I just wanted to ask your opinion on this. I appreciate all your hard work and effort looking for truth in this whole mess. I'm still avoiding the jab (even as an older women) until we get more data. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Roe v. Wade and Bodily Autonomy

Roe v. Wade will eventually completely dominate this issue [in at least one major dimension]: irrespective what Big Media, Big Government and the forces of Western Empire in General [including their military apparatchiks], and the general shape of USA Democrat Party say, think, act, and/or imagine themselves to be saying and doing [and irrespective of what the malicious propaganda organs deem Narratively Correct [[permissible]] and Fit to Print].

This is France today from Russia Today:

Either Roe v Wade equals complete bodily autonomy; or it does not.

And since it does equal complete bodily autonomy, [for better or worse] --- either Roe v Wade is over-turned, or the mandates will be.

If you are a betting man or woman, what are odds of Roe v Wade overturned?

How "ironic" will this morality play become once those in the anti Roe v Wade camp, but who are also in the bodily autonomy camp viz their recognition of covid vax mandates as the disaster they are at many levels in addition to the bodily autonomy dimension -- when will they embrace Roe to underscore bodily autonomy viz covid vax?

And should they not, well, that's great and pure evidence that that camp is also a wonderfully clever limited hangout.

The fact that there is NO "Science Objection" nor a general conscientious objector "Exemption" to this experimental -- and to many, deadly and dangerous shot --: put in relief two important matters:

1] Advocates for covid vax are dogmatic, maniacal zealots that either don't understand and/or suffer amnesia viz. spirit and role and function of actual science

2] This military operation on behalf of Western Empire is hell bent on "mission accomplished" even as what this look like they cannot and dare not define to the public in any rational manner.

And, none of them can get around Roe v Wade.

And keep in mind the divisions within US Society, a succinct reflections of western global elite's own divisions. In other words: they are at war with themselves [at each others throats] at this time, and all that this implies.

And: Their Days of Reckoning are also upon us. Pay attentions to all signs of this phenomena. . . .

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Israel, which is in Pfizer's pocket. says only 1% of new cases have already had Covid and 40% of new cases have been vaccinated. That looks clearcut to me regarding which gives better immunity.

Linda said...

Thanks Meryl. Can you post a link to that?

And what do you make of so many anecdotal stories of people getting covid twice. Again I know 2 people personally and have heard many similar stories. I'm just wondering how this is even possible. False positives? Maybe Natural covid immunity isnt as sterilizing as we would like to think.. which is a bummer.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

I have heard of no one who got it twice, and the data suggest that while repeat infections occur, they are rare--while vaccine breakthrough infections are common.