Friday, July 2, 2021

Travesties. Government breaking the law, pulling out all the stops to vaccinate our children. Disgusting. We have to stop this.

In the past day, I heard that 12 year olds in Massachusetts are being vaccinated without parental consent.  Last year, the City Council and Mayor of Washington, D.C. signed off on a law that would allow 11 year olds to be vaccinated without parental permission. Now I see that was a prelude to taking Covid vaccine permissions away from parents.

I became aware over the past several weeks that children down to age 12 were being vaccinated in Kings County, WA (Seattle), Philadelphia and San Francisco without parental permission.  Generally this was by order of the local public health official.

Surprisingly, this happened in states that had much higher ages of consent.  So it is illegal.  Since local public health doctors are not the most likely group to risk their careers going out on a limb--to give children experimental vaccines without informed parental consent--the order or guidance to do so must have come from on high.  On high would be the CDC.


Another way the government is pushing to get kids vaccinated is through a chatbot:

Does the COVID-19 vaccine implant a microchip in my bloodstream? Will it alter my DNA? Can it make me infertile? 
To combat vaccine hesitancy in young Americans, IBM and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have developed an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to answer such questions. The chatbot, named Vira—short for Vaccine Information Resource Assistant—was built using AI developed by IBM Research. It was trained on a dataset created by Johns Hopkins’ International Vaccine Access Center in collaboration with frontline healthcare workers in cities across the U.S...

All three of the aforementioned questions, for example, are met with a friendly but definitive “no” from Vira. When asked whether the vaccine can alter a person’s DNA, Vira replies, “None of the COVID-19 vaccines will change or interact with your DNA. Pinky swear!” Vira, which can be accessed at, will be continually updated as more people use the tool. After each interaction, Vira prompts users to rate how well the bot answered their question with a thumbs up or down; a thumbs-down response prompts a list of other popular and potentially related questions.

A recent CDC study of people between the ages of 18 and 39 found that those 24 and younger were the least likely in the study group to have reported getting or planning to get the vaccine. Other groups expressing hesitancy included Black participants and those who were less educated, uninsured and had lower household incomes.

More than half of those who expressed some level of hesitancy (56.5%) cited a lack of trust in the vaccines, while almost as many also said they were concerned about possible side effects of the jab.

For the record, when Vira is asked about potential side effects, the chatbot quips, “While you may experience some short-term side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine, like fatigue & nausea, it is a small price to pay to protect your loved ones.”

Update July 3:  AFLDS put up a website on the issue of unconsenting adolescent vaccines here.



Anonymous said...

I love the shaming from the CDC: those who are leery of the experimental vaccines are "those who were less educated, uninsured and had lower household incomes."

Smart rich people get the vaccines!

Anonymous said...

CDC Members Own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccinations.
Each of the 12 members of the CDC's ACIP Committee has a significant influence on the health of nearly every member of the American population.

Because they are responsible for adding to and/or altering the national vaccine schedule, it is of critical importance that they remain objective and unbiased before determining whether a new vaccination is appropriate for use, particularly in the bodies of vulnerable young children.

Unfortunately, a significant number of ACIP committee members receive direct financial returns when more vaccinations are added to the current schedule. Many own vaccination related patent(s) and/or stock shares of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for supplying new vaccines to the public.

Others receive research grant money, funding for their academic departments, or payments for the oversight of vaccine safety trials.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid vaccines are killing babies in the first trimester at an astonishing rate… an “atrocity” to vaccinate expectant mothers.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

CDC has shamed the dumb poor for not getting vaccinated for agues. But in fact, it has been the wealthy who are less vaccinated.

With Covid, however, that might not be true. I think that the scarcity meme worked really well at first, hooking a lot of wealthier people. The richest town near me has the highest vaccination rate.

Anonymous said...

All that aim could find on the way back machine is the first slide.

—Diane S