Thursday, July 1, 2021

New paper on Covid vaccine safety has stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy

Update July 2:  The paper was retracted by the journal editorsTheir justification does not hold water.

2nd update July 2:  In an article in today's Newsweek about the death of a 13 year old just two days after his second Pfizer shot, local health department spokespeople issued a statement that included, 

"Meanwhile, the health department continues to encourage families to speak with their physicians to weigh their own risks and benefits of vaccination."

The problem with that statement is that evidence of the true risks and benefits is being withheld by the CDC, and professionals who analyze the data that are available are being censored. Censorship of information about the risk is the only reason the Vaccines article was retracted.  The victims themselves, whose facebook page was eliminated, are also being censored.  

The boy who died had an enlarged heart at autopsy.  His death on June 15 was withheld from the CDC's advisory committee, which met June 23-25.  They were unconcerned with the cardiac risk in children. One wonders how many other children have died after a Pfizer vaccination, the only brand authorized for children.


A paper published in the journal Vaccines (not the journal Vaccine) used the best (yet unsatisfactory, which the authors acknowledge) data that our governments have made available to us, and concluded that for every 3 lives saved by Covid vaccines, 2 lives were lost to the vaccine.  

Some vaccine scientists were not pleased.  So they did their best to shoot the messenger.  But the authors held firm, and the peer reviewers said the paper was sound.

Of course, if you look at the deaths reported voluntarily in the US, UK and Europe, you might conclude that the vaccines are killing more people than they are saving. The total of voluntarily reported deaths, I heard today, was up to about 25,000.

If you then consider that use of proper doses of Vitamin D (beforehand), zinc, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine would probably save 90% or more of those who die from Covid, and would probably prevent "long Covid" if dosed early, you might conclude the vaccines are killing considerably more people than they are saving.


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Stop Australia's ZERO Death Toll - Peekay : Free Internet Archive

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Study Redacted July 2, 2021
Typical Money Interest applying pressure again

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paper was retracted today

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57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations!