Thursday, July 15, 2021

Boosters Without Data/ MedPage Today

What Evidence Do We Need to Move Forward With COVID Boosters? — More data and an evaluation of several factors at home and abroad are key

by Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH July 14, 2021

... Boosters Without Data

If we accept boosters in the U.S. while the rest of the world remains unvaccinated, and if we authorize them based on inevitable improved laboratory titers without clinical outcomes, we run the risk of creating a medical industrial perpetual motion machine.

We will continue to breed new variants outside of our nation, which will lead to calls for yet more boosters, and we will continue to get new boosters without any evidence they are necessary (i.e., lower severe COVID-19 outcomes). Our arms will ache, our hearts will hurt, our wallets will be empty, and so too will our brains, as we will have abandoned all principles of evidence-based medicine.


Anonymous said...

This article is depressing. Still with the experimental vaccines! But God forbid we should treat people here and abroad with oral medication that is easy, cheap, safe (certainly more than the vaccines), and does not need refrigeration.


Anonymous said...

The "variant issue" is another big lie from Pharma - by design. As Geert Vanden Bossche has explained, the mRNA vaccines are not really effective, so you must understand the "95% "effective" is a blatant marketing manipulation - measures "relative risks" only, just like the statin drugs. On an absolute risk basis, these mRNA vaccines actually suck, and are virtually useless. Even Pharma admits, "they do NOT stop you getting the infection, and they do NOT stop you from transmitting the infection to others". WTF - and I can die just from taking the mRNA injection!!

Yes, Pharma has created a product that, as Geert explains, forces the virus to mutate. The so called vaccine is DESIGNED to create variants. If you look at the data on variants by country, you find that variants track with vaccine rates - and it is the "vaccinated" who are getting sick with the variants - not the unvaccinated.

In business school, they call this an annuity ... boosters forever ... big $$ for big Pharma.

From a regulatory perspective, Dr. Nass, ALL pretense of an "emergency" no longer will work - so there appears there is not legitimate way for FDA to get away with approving another EUA. As noted above, there is PROOF that treatment options exist , thus no grounds for EUA for boosters, AND the original mRNA vaccine EUA SHOULD ACTUALLY BE PULLED FOR THE SAME REASON.