Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Covid vaccine deaths exceeded Covid disease deaths last week

According to the NYT, there were an average of 255 deaths/day from Covid this past week.  255 x 7 = 1785.

But the federal government added 2,043 deaths to the total count reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) last week.  This per Gateway Pundit, but other sites also reported a jump of 2,000 deaths to the reporting system.

Maybe the FDA and CDC, who jointly run the VAERS program, were getting through a backlog of reports.

Nonetheless, more deaths reported after Covid vaccinations than reported after Covid illnesses is food for thought.  The emergency is over.  The risks appear to have overtaken the benefits.  (While I need to acknowledge that the reliability of either number is poor, you still have to admit these are shocking stats.) 

Here is a discussion of the VAERS numbers reported last week in The Defender.

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Nina McDonald said...

Dr Nass--could you comment on this article in reference to vaccine deaths? Is Dr Hoffe correct? Cannot post this story on FB--if you wrote something YOUR blog is still not being censored...
THANKS again for all your hard work