Sunday, May 16, 2021

Straight talk from Pierre Kory, MD on ivermectin, Covid, and the suppression of truth, as only a New Yorker could tell it


Anonymous said...

Dr. Kory is right, the truth has been suppressed. We've been lied to from the beginning about this pandemic, which is why the guidelines don't make sense. As soon as some brave people push back on the prevailing narrative, the medical alphabets change their stories or theaten health care providers.

We've been lied to about and denied access to early treatment, so why should anyone believe them about the vaccines? Why does every man, woman, and child need a needle in their arm? If you've had Chickenpox, you don't need a Varicella vaccine. So why? We check certain groups for immunity to MMR, Chickenpox, and Hep B; so why not Covid? Is this all about money? Power? What are they not telling us?

Maybe we are not asking the right questions.

Anonymous said...

Melinda Gates knows the answers to your questions...and she is running for her life.