Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The letter my local newspapers have refused to print



Anonymous said...

Great Letter. It should have been printed. They can't print it because they are bought and paid for by the Agenda.

ML said...

Meryl, that is a well-written letter. Shame on them for not printing it. Thank you. Hang in there. We stand with you.

Stephanie Anderson said...

Wow. Bless you for caring for your patients so well.

Anonymous said...

When newspapers not that many years ago, those big and small, rushed to cash in on possessing digital online presence, they agreed, also: to allow their own content to be subject to the whims of three rich men.

The owners of Facebook, Twitter and Google.

At the time, during the newspapers big and small gold rush to possess and cash in on online presence, few if any of them, apparently, stopped to consider what has come to pass.

All online media, big and small, be they newspapers, TV, various and sundry blogs, and of course Twitter and Facebook accounts: all of them, now are at the mercy of these three men.

For the small and regional newspapers, even if their publishers actually believe they are "independent"; they are not, in terms of online content.

Yes, their print edition is independent; however, their online content is subject to censorship and being cancelled and de-platformed by the Big 3.

The Dr. Nass letter was rejected precisely because the tiny local papers fear being censored, de-platformed, canceled, online; and losing their FB and Twitter privileges.

Local news autonomy is history; Gone With The Wind.

This is the new normal: conform or be ostracized at best; utterly destroyed at worst.

Local newspapers [and all of them] have lost control of what they can and cannot published; because of the Three Men and the companies they own: FB, Twitter, Google.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Nina McDonald said...

Meryl---were you aware that Youtube censored Dr McCullough's video initially?

And it's this video correct?

And when I want to post this--his testimony before the Senate--on FB--it labels it "partly false" information?

Lastly --I am AMAZED they haven't shut you down yet. Thank God.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your “local” news paper is likely owned by Maine Press 1 AKA Maine Today Media. The news papers in Maine are owned by one family group last I heard. No more local papers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Nass,

Please consider submitting something like this to American Thinker in the future.