Thursday, April 1, 2021

Austrian court throws out PCR tests--bombshell decision

The article below came from Christof Plouthe.  I do not know if it is a direct translation or an explanation of the article above, which is in German.

An Austrian court came to the conclusion that a PCR test is not suitable for determining infectivity. In the specific case, it was about a lawsuit by the FPÖ. At the end of January, she was banned from a meeting in Vienna. The party brought an action against this before the Vienna Administrative Court. That proved her right. The judges exercised massive criticism of the corona policy of the Austrian federal government. “Based on the knowledge it is certain that the police will no longer be allowed to ban meetings critical of the government on the basis of these figures,” writes the Internet newspaper “Report 24”. The court came to the conclusion that Vienna's health department, whose information was the basis for the police's ban on the gathering, “did not present any valid and evidence-based statements and findings on the epidemic”.

The court stated literally: "If one proceeds from the definitions of the Minister of Health, 'Case definition Covid-19' from December 23, 2020, then a 'confirmed case' 1) is any person with evidence of SARS-CoV-2-specific nucleic acid ( PCR test, note), regardless of clinical manifestation or 2) every person with detection of SARS-CoV-specific antigen that meets the clinical criteria or 3) every person with detection of SARS-CoV-specific antigen who meets the epidemiological criteria. It therefore does not meet any of the three “confirmed cases” defined by the Minister of Health, the WHO requirements for the term “sick person”. The WHO refuses to rely solely on the PCR test (confirmed case 1). "

According to the report, the court also criticized the health policy data. The judges determined that the corona measures have so far been without any evidence as to their effectiveness. The court decision found that all definitions for counting a corona infection do not correspond to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, as "Report 24" writes: "The anti-gene tests, which are highly error-prone, especially in asymptomatic people, are therefore completely unsuitable, but so are those PCR tests require confirmation by a medical examination. None of this is guaranteed in Austria, which the court has massively criticized. "

The judgment has the reference number VGW-103/048/3227 / 2021-2. Critics of the Corona policy speak of a "groundbreaking decision", a "sensational judgment" and a "resounding slap in the face". The judge's verdict rejects the entire corona policy in Austria, which is based on the PCR test. 

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