Sunday, April 18, 2021

PLOT TWIST: Toronto police make no arrests, allow anti-lockdown protest to proceed one day after Doug Ford's restrictive lockdown measures/ThePostMillenial

From The Post Millennial, where there is a video of the march:

Protestors once again gathered at Queen's Park in Toronto to speak out against the ongoing lockdowns, the latest amendment of which gives police increased authority to enforce the provincial stay-at-home order.

Another officer said "There are at least two sides to everything," one said, "and we're always in the middle. We're just trying to make it a safe place for everybody."

Since Doug Ford's announcement that police would now be stopping vehicles in order, several police districts have said they do not intend to enforce the orders.

Travis Dhanraj, Queen's Park Bureau Chief for Global News, reported that as a result of the police's refusal to enforce Ford's harsh measures, Ontario is currently "reconsidering" the playground closures and police stops...

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Anonymous said...

I live in Toronto. People are getting very fed up. If you look at the crowd, it is overwhelming white, likely working to lower middle class.
Toronto is touted as the most multicultural city in the world. No idea if that is true. But it is about 50-50 white non-white.
Ontario has been locked down because of "hot spots" in the greater Toronto area. most of those areas, sadly, are poor, dense, multi-generational and majority immigrant.
Canada medical community is super conservative and has resisted any off-label treatments such as HCQ or Ivermection.
The Ontario shutdown (6 weeks until May 20!!!) is based upon bursting ICUs (700 plus). Plenty of beds for a province of nearly 15M, but not enough techs/nurses to run the vents and provide constant care.
It is hard to determine the care protocol for severe Covid cases in Ontario ICUs beyond mechanical entilation/ intubation. Found this story about a current shortage of tocilizumab. The shortage... "highlights the limited options available to physicians treating COVID-19, with tocilizumab one of two drugs that show a clinical difference in the outcome of a patient's illness.

“The point is, we don't have such a big tool box,” he (Dr. Peter Juni) said. The drug is an anti-inflammatory for RA.
The death rate for those who end up in Ontario ICUs is about 30% based on the first two waves.
There is also a defeatist attitude among Ontario doctors with Covid.
"I do feel quite powerless, much more powerless than I have with any other disease that I've treated," he said. "I think the mortality data is a reflection of that." Dr. Michael Warner, medical director of critical care at Toronto's Michael Garron Hospital (Jan 2021 article).
It has been more than a year, and still not a peep from health officials about positive health measures such as Vit D, supplementation, Zinc, C, Quercetin or losing weight to better beat a Covid infection.
Just lectures about how we are not trying hard enough and need to continue to hide until all of us get our vaccine" (that bit is in an actual Ontario commercial).