Thursday, April 1, 2021

Must-watch Video: Dr. Peter McCullough explains the blackout on Covid treatment information. 19 minutes


Yvette said...

The silence on treatment has really been chilling. While I'm never surprised by corruption, seeing this scale of suppression of info + fear to speak out + credulity / lack of questioning - all come together on this scale - is hard to process. It's interesting what he says at the end about some of the studies not working because they focused on single drugs vs. combos for treatment. The single-drug cause-effect mentality seems to be a real blind spot for some minds. And definitely the culture of medicine is a mess right now - GPs not following up at all, you're a check mark on a list.

Anonymous said...

For over a year now, we have watched our government health agencies promote Big Pharma’s agenda. I find it amazing to compare and contrast the difference between how government scientists have responded to the pandemic as opposed to the response of scientists in the private sectors. Below are some resources of private sector scientific groups who have pushed back against the government. I have sent these resources to friends and family members to show the that the governments response to the pandemic is ridiculous. I would love it if you would compile a LIVING list of these scientific groups that everyone can send to others.

Doctors for Covid Ethics



AAPS Covid Outpatient Guide


All these groups have websites, but none have any significant media presence.