Monday, April 19, 2021

Johnson & Johnson suffers another setback as FDA tells Md. vaccine maker to suspend production/ WaPo

From the WaPo our fears are confirmed--vaccine has been leaking out of this plant despite the fact that the plant was never authorized by FDA.  Still wondering if this was related to some of those clinic shut-downs?The storyline is that the unapproved vaccine went to Canada and Mexico.  Are you relieved yet?  From the WaPo:

Emergent BioSolutions has shut down new manufacturing of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine at its Baltimore plant at the request of the Food and Drug Administration after an inspection of the troubled facility last week, Emergent said Monday... 
"Emergent’s brief statement Monday said the FDA began a new inspection of its Bayview facility on April 12. On Friday, at the FDA’s request, “Emergent agreed not to initiate the manufacturing of any new material at its Bayview facility and to quarantine existing material manufactured at the Bayview facility pending completion of the inspection and remediation of any resulting findings,’’ the company said...
AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have not disclosed how many doses of vaccine have previously been shipped from the Emergent plant and put into vials by other manufacturers.
The quarantine of packaged vaccine could delay millions of doses further down the distribution pipeline. But none of those doses have yet been administered in the United States, U.S. officials have said.
Emergent’s manufacturing of Johnson & Johnson vaccine has not been certified by the FDA, so vaccines made there cannot be used. Johnson & Johnson has been forced to turn to imported vaccine produced in the Netherlands for early supplies of shots for American arms.
AstraZeneca vaccine has not been approved for emergency use in the United States, although the Biden administration has sent a few million doses to Mexico and Canada...

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Anonymous said...

Vaccine is totally safe as we got told. Again, we got told that to stop covid 19, it’s essential to vaccine the younger population.

We got told that the evolved strain of covid 19 has changed to now affect the younger population and vaccine is totally safe. We can now expect death and serious medical issues in those age group due to covid 19.

Hang on a sec! Nope, just a false alarm. Government and media have told me it crazy conspiracy theory, thinking it was the vaccine that will cause those issues in younger population. It a novel virus and we must accept anything they claimed as the truth because it new. Anything we knew about virus, corona virus need to be discarded since it a novel covid 19 and they have the facts.

Even with 100% vaccination rate, restrictions will need to remain in place. Government and media have told us it not safe! Don’t think or listen to anything that goes against their propaganda (sorry, meant facts) because they have our interest as top priority.

Seem like I need to stop visiting this site for my own safety because it cause me to think and question things. We all know that the government and media say it not in my interest to do so.