Thursday, April 15, 2021

Florida, Texas, Idaho, Montana and Tennessee have banned so-called Vaccine Passports

 The Indiana legislature debated the issue, but Democrats blocked a vote on it.

South Carolina's Senate unanimously voted to ban employers from mandating Covid vaccinations for employees.

And from the airlines organization, IATA, comes a hopeful sign:  “These are measures that may be necessary as temporary arrangements while we go through this crisis, but once we’re through it, we want to see these restrictions permanently removed so people can get back to traveling as they experienced back in 2019,” Willie Walsh, former CEO of British Airways’ parent International Consolidated Airlines Group, said in his first press briefing as IATA’s director general.

The WHO came out against the passports in February, issuing a note of caution--since most humans have no current access to vaccines, many lack smartphones, and the privacy issues are huge.  Many say the systems now being used can be easily hacked.

WHO position

At the present time, it is WHO’s position that national authorities and conveyance operators should not introduce requirements of proof of COVID-19 vaccination for international travel as a condition for departure or entry, given that there are still critical unknowns regarding the efficacy of vaccination in reducing transmission. In addition, considering that there is limited availability of vaccines, preferential vaccination of travellers could result in inadequate supplies of vaccines for priority populations considered at high risk of severe COVID-19 disease. WHO also recommends that people who are vaccinated should not be exempt from complying with other travel risk-reduction measures.

This is a great issue to work on with your own governors and legislatures--it is a great opportunity to throw a "spanner in the works" of the Great Reset

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the airlines are beginning to realize that they will lose a lot of business from unvaccinated people who refuse to cave to the pressure to get the shot. Traveling is not worth ruining your health.