Sunday, April 11, 2021

How many Americans have taken the vaccine? Reuters April 10

Not as many as you might think, according to Reuters and the CDC.

The CDC said 117,142,879 people had received at least one dose, or 46% of US adults.  Fifty-four million additional doses have been distributed.  Some states are welcoming out-of-staters to come get a dose.

However, the NY Times has list of % vaccinated by state, and only 1 state has a vaccination rate above 46% (New Hampshire), as does Palau. I don't know if either/both Reuters or the NY Times is providing accurate numbers. The NYT may be looking at all residents, while Reuters was looking at eligible residents. Those under 16-18 are not eligible to receive vaccine (age 16 for Pfizer, 18 for the other 2 vaccines).

According to the NYT, all but 9 states will have opened up vaccinations to all adults by April 14.

It looks like the country will split roughly in half regarding the choice of whether to receive an experimental, questionably safe and effective vaccine or not. And then what happens?


Anonymous said...

Still, it's kind of scary how many people just rolled up their sleeves to get this experimental jab, and how many of those people are doctors, nurses, etc.

Anonymous said...

You can thank the mainstream media for the brainwashing job done on the masses. It has been very effective.

Anonymous said...

I hear schools and universities are beginning to roll out requirements. Are these lawful in your opinion Dr. Nass?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps many people "just roll up " and get the shots. However, others consider the vaccine effects versus the possible lethality of the illness.

Others are required by employers to get vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

People should look into the legality of being forced by their employers to get an experimental shot. This is not FDA approved, it is only approved for emergency use. I’m not sure they can force anyone to take it. If they fire you, sue.