Thursday, April 22, 2021

One Passport to Rule Them All/ Global Research

I hope it's not true.  But more and more, it looks like this pandemic (or the next) is being pushed on the public to provide the excuse to give us repeat vaccines.  And the repeat vaccines are required (with short expiration dates) to give the state the ability to inject us, frequently.  What might be in those vaccines, or the vaccines of the foreseeable future?  Why are digital vaccine passports being instituted in a tremendous hurry in New York, the E.U. and Israel when vaccination is not an accurate correlate of immunity, when the passports are not even ready for Beta testing, and they can allegedly be easily hacked?  These issues lead me to suspect the passports are not being implemented for our safety but for other reasons.  And the most likely reason is to gain enhanced surveillance and greater control over citizens.

The vaccine passport could be the means to assemble all of our life:  finances, links to our friends and relatives, location data, perhaps biometrics, demographics, and our health data all in one accessible place.  It can easily become the means by which our 'privileges' can be turned on and off, and our digital funds can be withheld for bad behavior.

What a dystopian nightmare, not so far off the social credit scores of China today. 

I entirely disagree with the author that the virus does not exist. My son had Covid, many of  my patients have had it, it spreads best within families.  It is real.  And it responds well to early treatment.  That is why everyone needs to know it is real, so they are empowered to seek help when they get it.

From Global Research:

By Makia Freeman

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Vaccine passports are a major goal of those orchestrating Operation Coronavirus, though not the ultimate end goal of the COVID agenda. The purpose of vaccine passports is clear, despite whatever flimsy and mealy-mouthed excuses given to justify them: to restrict the movement of the unvaccinated, or in plainer terms, to restrict the movement of those who have seen through the agenda. There are no clever legal arguments that can distract from this basic truth: vaccine passports are inherently discriminatory. In a sane society, no nation that even pays lip service to caring about human rights could claim that vaccine passports are in alignment with their existing laws on individual rights, freedom of choice, freedom of movement, informed consent and medical sovereignty. However, it hardly bares stating that we do not live in a sane world. Below is a brief list of the vaccine passport schemes that are either proposed, about to be rolled out or already in existence. This is a worldwide agenda being rapidly promoted and implemented.

EU Planned for Vaccine Passports in 2018

Long before the word ‘coronavirus’ become a household world, or the term ‘COVID’ even existed, the European Union (EU) was planning for a vaccine passport scenario. The European Commission (the executive arm of the EU) published a proposal for vaccine passports on April 26th 2018 in a document entitled

“Proposal for a Council Recommendation on Strengthened Cooperation against Vaccine Preventable Diseases”.

It lays out the plan for a “vaccine passport” or “vaccine card” and “vaccine portals”:


17. Examine issues of insufficient vaccine coverage caused by cross-border movement of people within the EU and look into options to address them, including developing a common EU citizens’ vaccination card/passport, compatible with electronic immunisation information systems and recognised for use across borders.


10. Aim at establishing a European Vaccination Information Sharing (EVIS) system, coordinated by the European Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control (ECDC), in order to:

a. Together with the national public health authorities,

i. examine the options of establishing, by 2020, guidelines for a core EU vaccination schedule, aiming to facilitate the compatibility of national schedules and promote equity in Union citizens’ health protection, and subsequently ensuring broad uptake of the core schedule as well as a common vaccination card;

ii. strengthen the consistency, transparency, and methodologies in the assessment of national and regional vaccination plans, by sharing scientific evidence and tools with the support of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs);

iii. design EU methodologies and guidance on data requirements for better monitoring of vaccination coverage rates across all age groups, including healthcare workers, in cooperation with the World health Organisation (WHO). Collect such data and share them at EU level;

b. By 2019, establish a European vaccination information portal, with the support of the European Medicines Agency, to provide online objective, transparent and updated evidence on vaccines, their benefit and safety, and the pharmacovigilance process.

c. Monitor online vaccine misinformation and develop evidence-based information tools and guidance to support Member States in countering vaccine hesitancy, in line with the Commission Communication on tackling online disinformation.”

Interestingly, on pg.13, this document also mentions the term vaccine hesitancy as it recommends a “Joint Action on Vaccination, cofunded by the third Programme for the Union’s action in the field of health … to address vaccine hesitancy.”

Vaccine hesitancy has also become a theme in the COVID op because so many people have become aware of just how toxic vaccines can be and how experimental these ones are in particular; in my article from August 2020 I revealed how a Yale study was analyzing how to combat vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine uptake through a variety of psychological techniques and manipulation.

European Vaccine Passports

Given the above documents, it’s no great surprise that Europe is at the forefront of implementing vaccine passports.

The UK and many European countries are getting close to rolling out their passport scheme; on March 17th 2021, the European Commission proposed the following draft legislation to create a “Digital Green Certificate” as you can see from this document. In a classic example of doublepseak, Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, said:

“With the Digital Green Certificate, we are taking a European approach to ensure EU citizens and their family members can travel safely and with minimum restrictions this summer. The Digital Green Certificate will not be a pre-condition to free movement and it will not discriminate in any way. A common EU-approach will not only help us to gradually restore free movement within the EU and avoid fragmentation.

No pre-condition for movement? Not discriminate in any way? The very essence of the vaccine passport is regulate and restrict movement, as well as to discriminate. Otherwise, what is the point of it? This is a constant theme of the COVID op. Politicians make rules to control your life, and right when they announce these rules, they claim they are not controlling you. Black is white, up is down and tyranny is freedom.

American Vaccine Passports

They’re coming to America too.

The US state of New York was the first state to introduce a pilot program. Authorities have said it’s optional, but that’s how all these schemes of control initially work; first they’re optional to break down resistance and get people accustomed, and then they’re mandatory. New York is calling its vaccine passport the “Excelsior Pass” and the official announcement states:

“Developed in partnership with IBM, the Excelsior Pass will use proven, secure technology to confirm an individual’s vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test through a confidential data transfer to help fast-track the reopening of theaters, stadiums and other businesses in accordance with New York State guidelines…The Excelsior Pass will play a critical role in getting information to venues and sites in a secure and streamlined way, allowing us to fast-track the reopening of these businesses and getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal.”

On the upside, there are certain states which have preemptively banned vaccine passports in some form or another, including Florida, Texas, Arizona, Montana and Idaho. As for much of the duration of the COVID op, support or resistance to vaccine passports is mostly following party lines, with the left-wing Democratic states supporting it and the right-wing Republican states resisting it.

Vaccine Passports in Israel, China and India

Israel has earned itself another dubious distinction by leading the world in COVID vaccination rates, and by already implementing its vaccine passport program. Unvaccinated Israelis are being banned from going to so-called non-essential places. Tyrannical Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned:

“Whoever doesn’t vaccinate will only go out to supermarkets or pharmacies, while the vaccinated will go to stadiums and gyms.”

The tyranny doesn’t stop there. Israel has also issued “Freedom Bracelets” to be worn by those entering the country from abroad. Israel’s parliament joined action taken previously by the Spanish governmentin approving a law to create a registry of people refusing the COVID vax. Interestingly, UK Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove was recently seen arriving in Israel for what they say was “vaccine passport talks” but in reality, from those who know the backstory of the Zionist New World Order (NWO), was likely his marching orders.

China and India have both joined the vaccine passport game. China called their version the “International Travel Health Certificate” (downloadable from its WeChat mobile app) while India has a QR code certificate version.

One Passport to Rule Them All

No matter what fancy and different names these passports, apps and QR codes have, there are plans afoot to link them all via a common software or framework.

The leading developers of this technology include AOK PassCommon Pass, the Vaccination Credential InitiativeGood Health Pass Collaborative and the IATA Travel Pass. This is a clear manifestation of the NWO Agenda of a One World Government with detailed information on every single person (except for the ruling elite) on Earth, who are planned to be its subjects or slaves.

This has been a long time coming. It seems like a long time ago now – over a year ago – when Bill Gates started mouthing off about the need for immunity certificates and digital vaccine passports. The plan is not hidden, but rather wide out in the open. Of course, there is a distinct lack of logic about the whole issue. First of all, as I have exhaustively documented, there is no evidence that the virus SARS-CoV-2 exists. But putting that inconvenient truth aside for a moment, why couldn’t natural immunity to the virus qualify you for the vaccine passport? Mainstream brainwashed medical authorities may say it’s because you can still get re-infected. However the same goes for the vaccine … hence all the talks of a 2nd and 3rd shot (actually the plan is to give people countless shots as they upgrade and rewire their DNA operating system). This is the very same group of vaccines which by the way don’t give you proper immunity and are even admitted to only protect against mild symptoms and not to stop transmission.

It’s not about actual real immunity to disease. It’s about finding out who is vaccinated and who is unvaccinated, and subsequently punishing the non-compliant, disobedient, recalcitrant unvaccinated ones.

For those who want their shiny new vaccine passport – think about this. What happens when the authorities say that you have to keep getting vaxxed … and vaxxed … and vaxxed … every year … just to keep your passport and privileges? Are we going to stand in our inherent soveriegn rights or grovel beneath the slavemasters for government-bestowed privileges?

Final Thoughts

The truth is that vaccine passports are a scheme to force people into getting vaxxed so that they become genetically modified humans. The vaccine is the real bioweapon, not an imaginary virus. The vaccine passports will function to make life uncomfortable for the unvaccinated, and also as a registration system to distinguish between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, so the NWO controllers know exactly which citizens have certain nanotechnology embedded inside of them – which you can be sure will be used to further whatever nefarious goals the NWO manipulators have in mind.


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This article was originally published on The Freedom Articles.

Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at Makia is on Steemit and LBRY.



yvette said...

It's concerning that she is pushing the "virus doesn't exist" argument: "First of all, as I have exhaustively documented, there is no evidence that the virus SARS-CoV-2 exists." (3rd para under One Passport... section - and her linked article on that is complex and confusing)

This whole "no virus" thing is a real fault line in what could have been solidarity among a greater majority of humans. People who take this virus seriously (and this aligns with the lab leak theory which really seems undeniable at this point if you deep dive into DRASTIC's work) could be brought on board to question other elements of this agenda, but if we sound deranged about the virus not being real, why should they listen to the rest of it?

Dr Chris King said...

With respect, how much of all this is "believing is seeing" - i.e., we see what we expect to see or believe to be true?

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

I will say it again: yes there is a virus. Yes it is making people sick. And yet almost everything about it has been blanketed in a cloud of mis and disinformation.

Why can't I get a blood test to see if I am immune? If you cannot tell whether I am immune after a shot, or the disease, how can you have an "immunity" passport?

That tells me the point of the passport is not immunity. And traveling backwards, I conclude that if the system does not really want to know if I am immune, it just may not want to give me a good quality vaccine to make me immune. If it doesn't really care if I am immune, then the passport must be for another purpose.

Similarly, if the system says I will need a new jab every six months because the immunity didn't last, or because the variants have escaped vaccine immunity, I have to ask why it blocks me from using drugs that work on all variants?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass, you are spot on! This is a slight-of-hands. We are like a dog chasing its tail with all these guidelines that don't make any sense. There is a different endpoint in mind that does not involve immunity to SARS CoV-2. Nor are the powers that be interested in saving lives, else they would not restrict physicians in treating their patients.

As to a test for immunity, my internist has been testing me periodically with a serum Anti-SARS CoV-2 IgM, IgA, IgG combo assay by Roche. Does that not test for immunity at least for the disease?


Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

There are a number of companies offering various antibody tests. FDA refuses to stand by any one of them--all are under EUA, none approved. FDA website (I blogged about this months ago) discourages use.

Maybe some are very accurate--but there is currently no accepted, specific antibody nor T cell tests that the "experts" say, or is generally agreed, to reliably document immunity.

But your doctor may have selected some good tests out of the test barrel.

ML said...

I think a T cell test has just been approved last week or so by the FDA. Don’t know how pricey it is or where to get it done. I’d imagine it’s at least $150 or more. And am sure insurance would not pay for it.

Dr Chris King said...

With respect, an equally plausible explanation for all of this is mass fear which has driven massive over-reaction by governing bodies and "public health" officials, onto which opportunistic pharma businesses have pounced with great glee. There need not be a nefarious global conspiracy going on to explain all the nonsense surrounding COVID. Just fear borne of ignorance, fear of bad optics, and a parasitic exploitation of those fears by the big drug companies and vaccine manufacturers.

lynnbrad said...

I was suspicious throughout 2018-19 of all the media hype re'CASES OF MEASLES' in northwestern USA and elsewhere. All thirty of them. And blaming it on the 'unvaccinated anti-vaxxers.' Also alarmed by relentless, seemingly coordinated introduction in so many state legislatures of bills to remove religious, philosophical mandates. Too coincidental, and funded by big pharma, and around the world, as well. And having read in various places how 2020 would be the year of 'adult mandated vaccines,' though it seemed preposterous at time. And hearing 'vaccine hesitancy' termed by WHO one of top ten world health problems. So, this covid nightmare came at just the right time, didn't it, curing much residual 'vaccine hesitancy.' And finding out about Event 201 held in Oct at JHU.

And remembering in Michael Moore's movie 'Sicko,' way back when, how U.S. legislators were so bought off by pharma corporations, showing Hillary as one walking across a stage with a cartoon bubble around the hundreds of thousands she and others received. And how that lobby is more powerful even than the military industrial one. And, now we find they are combined, with 'vaccines' being developed by military corporations, and DARPA. Thank you for all your relentless shining the light of truth, Dr. Nass. I wanted to print out your 'refused' letter to editors in Ellsworth area and post them round town. I still could send to various businesses. I remember years ago saying that for communication of unpopular ideas, we'd eventually be forced back to the days of posting on telephone poles and the like.

I guess the purpose of these disjointed memories is that they show to me this cannot be a 'coincidence' that pharma has merely opportunistically pounced upon. I'm afraid it is more nefarious than that. Lynn Bradbury

Anonymous said...


Dr Chris King said...

We humans are very good at seeing what we believe - what we expect to see. If you go looking for a conspiracy, you will most certainly find evidence that supports the existence of one. But we could say the same about the sasquatch.

All this conspiracy talk is getting in the way of the facts and of effective communication with those who (currently) support the party line but with reservations.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Chris, I began writing my post on the suppression of hydroxychloroquine 10 months ago, and have added to it since. As I wrote it I became aware that conspiracy theory had turned into conspiracy fact. And I was the one documenting the facts.

This is the most read piece I have ever written. It is hard to come away from it untouched.

Anonymous said...

Meryl: I recently have been made aware of a deposition by Dr. Astrid Sheckelberger to the Lawyer Reiner over his lawsuit to the German government. In it the Director of WHO has total authority over the various health depatartments and only he can declare a Pandemic. Also, on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation only immunization will provide immunity by regulation of WHO.