Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Today the story is about forcing Covid vaccines on those who don't want or need them. But where is all this going? Let's turn our time machine to the recent past and near future...

 So, Biden promises you won't have to take the Covid vaccines...that is, until the government tells you that you have no choice.  Then the rulers will try to pick off all members of society, using gifts, lotteries, cajoling, coercion, loss of livelihood, jail... 

However, the vaccines don't work well, so you will have to keep taking more. Maybe that is why governments have contracted for 8 or 9 doses per person.

 Meanwhile, the government will continue its devil-may-care "regulation" of the products. And we know the vaccines don't prevent spread, which is all the more reason to get them, to show fealty to the system by accepting a vaccine likely to do more harm than good to you and everyone else.

What else would you do if you wanted to foment a bloodless coup?

  1. Create an international cabal of scientists to develop unique new biological weapons, funded by our taxes.  
  2. Blame the ensuing epidemic on rural people for eating bats or skinning civets. [This could be the excuse to relocate them and grab their land if minerals, gas or oil are underground.] 
  3. Prevent the public from accessing repurposed drugs that work against the new virus.
  4. Set the blacks and whites against each other by producing widely publicized police killings.
  5. Defund the police.  
  6. Invent a cockamamie idea called "Critical Race Theory" that children are forced to learn in school, to further damage race relations. Never let the idea of social classes pass a teacher's lips.
  7. Fire teachers who refuse to teach this nonsense.
  8. Destroy the quality of the medical system.  Turn doctors into typists.  Turn medical records into surveillance tools. Beat the medical staff into submission so they no longer have a backbone. Terrorize those who still have a voice.
  9. Success is defined by having doctors comply with edicts that require harmful meds like remdesivir be used, while effective meds will not be prescribed.
  10. Bankrupt Main Street.  
  11. When Main Street barely starts to recover, require vaccinations to conduct transactions, dealing Main Street its death blow.
  12. Buy up Main Street while it's on its knees.
  13. Use weather warfare or novel weapons to burn swathes of rural land you want to redevelop
  14. Use pseudo riots to burn swathes of city property you want to redevelop, while blaming it on bad race relations.  It was a mistake to allow those pallets of bricks, delivered to the redevelopment locations, to be photographed.
  15. Fire all medical staff not in compliance with vaccinations or silence, crippling the healthcare system while teaching those left that the system really means business.
  16. Print as much money as possible, and spend it on junk, mostly--like unreliable rapid tests, track and trace when the pandemic is widespread everywhere.
  17. This allows you to juice the case numbers to keep the public terrorized.
  18. Deliver most of the now unemployed population into a state of financial reliance on the government.  Collapse the economy, and make everyone a captive of the state.
  19. One simple vaccine passport gives you a tracking device, 24/7 surveillance, potential control of your subjects' finances, and a means to regularly inject them with something to help ensure your plans don't go awry.  And you get a social credit score, too boot.

Your coup was successful, and without firing a single shot.

Will we let the coup planners bulldoze us the rest of the way to hell? When do we say enough is enough?  When do we start to live up to the spirit of 1776?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely nailed it as usual.
Throughout the world more people are recognizing the truths you speak and there shall be an end to this CON to seize control. We must pray, educate ourselves and others, and act as patriots.
The propaganda, bullying, and control by evil individuals needs to end and will when more take a good look at what IS really going on.
Thank you for your work!
L.M. Lalko on FB

Anonymous said...

Aw, you lost me with all the political stuff. Please keep to the science and the medicine. It's more than enough.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this has been the game plan all along. "They" even laid it out for us. The pandemic was merely the pretext, around which could coalesce the shared objectives of big pharma, big data, big money, and security/intelligence apparatus. It appears now the front lines are in France. There they are marching in the streets, en masse. That is the sort of resistance that is necessary now, saying "NO!" in increasingly larger numbers, together.

Excellent capsulation, Dr. Nass. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Personally glad to see that someone else see’s the political dimensions to this. Makes me feel sane that I ‘m not the only one thinking the same things.

Anonymous said...

Wish one could keep science and medicine away from the political stuff. But, alas, they are intertwined and have been at least since the advent of socialized medicine (Europe) and HMOs (USA). Ignore that at your peril.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Meryl, as said: You have gone WAY below your expertise. What do you actually know about: "Invent a cockamamie idea called Critical Race Theory' that children are forced to learn in school, to further damage race relations." This is a serious academic topic, not a tool for politics! Children are not taught "critical race theory" anywhere I know (except in right-wing imaginations).

Stick to the pandemic, not what Ron Johnson teaches you to say.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Yes, not my expertise.

No, I didn't get my ideas on CRT from Ron Johnson. feel free to read the progressive NYT on Critical Race Theory

Anonymous said...

[[ This is a serious academic topic, not a tool for politics! Children are not taught "critical race theory" anywhere I know (except in right-wing imaginations).

Stick to the pandemic, not what Ron Johnson teaches you to say.]]

So some neurotic wish to cancel Dr. Nass on her own blog?

Dr. Nass, I enjoy your perspective on politics, medicine, and cannot express how much your bravery and putting your body on the line for the nation's children means to our present and future.

[[Invent a cockamamie idea called "Critical Race Theory" that children are forced to learn in school, to further damage race relations. ]]

Whatever else CRT is: it functions to crush the idea and concept and lived experiences of the poor and destitute -- by casting aside Social Class! CRT has been operating, wittingly or not: to Castrate Social Solidarity and Class Consciousness.

CRT, what ever else is it, is an elite-created dogma. And it is being shoved down the throats of many, irrespective of what its apologists may feel or imagine themselves to be "thinking".

The fragmented consciounesses of its high priests and shamans and perpetrators [often at elite universities]: are actually not interested in the poor and destitute, that is: the 80% in USA struggling to make ends meet, living pay check to pay check, who lack health insurance, the working poor, migrants, immigrants. . . and so on and so forth.

Any ideology whose function, wittingly or not, that crushes the key heuristic -- Social Class -- and by extension, the ideas of Status, Role -- and pretends they are working for the betterment of humanity . . . well, this ideology and the zealots pushing it are imposters, from the perspective of any project whose aim is to recognize that, at the end of the day, that social class is where it begins.

The goal of CRT, or at least, its recent consequences: has been to trump class consciousness, by inserting race-based identitarian dogma. How f**cking convenient for the ruling class, a faux-"progessive" project all nicely wrapped in Vile and Moral Turpitude. . . to try and keep the great majority of folks divided!

Social Class assumes we are all people -- first; and from their: various identities follow, but are not and cannot be primary.

If the ostensible goal is to "dismantle" "systems" of "racism" -- then the means is to begin with clear understanding of the "system" whence this spring.

This system, called Western Imperialism, is premised on Capitalism as the State Religion. NeoWestern Empire [US/NATO/JAPAN].

This system -- predatory Capitalism: created great exploitation, great and horrible terror systems to destroy societies. . . of which OPERATION-CORONA-9-1-1 the latest criminal operation.

The fact a neurotic wants to shout down someone on her own blog, my my my, for stating the obvious. . .

MLK discussed three concepts indissolubly linked: "the three evils" he labeled them. . . racism/exploitation/war [including coercion, rape, murder, terrorism, and general human nastiness, in particular against those un-armed and less powerful],

The Corona "Vaccine" Crisis, the epitome of exploitation and coercion! And tens of thousands, now dead after the shot.

The Social Class creating CRT, the same Social Class ordering us to forego our bodily autonomy, in the name of what, pray tell?

Annemarie said...

Excellent summary. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your citing the New York Times in response leads me to point to its early sentence, reading:

"It’s a complicated subject with a lot of history and nuance to unpack, and some of you were interested in learning more."

This is exactly my point that you don't have the background for offering it into your mix of 18 items purporting to be serious political commentary. It causes a reader to take you as simplistic about political matters. I am being frank.

Anyway, glad you are NOT relying on Trumpist Rob Johnson for this item.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points- thank you.

Will #19 be mass deaths and or mass sterilization due to the vaccines?! Or are the mass vaccines simply for profit and to justiy #18 (digital passports).

It also looks like climate lockdowns are coming too...

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

That you so much for the comment on class consciousness. It only slowly dawned on me that Identity politics was the Elites' answer to class.

It was an attempt to take all our differences and emphasize the non-economic aspects. To throw an invisible cape over the enemy. To hide the coup within a pandemic, or 2 or 3 pandemics

If I have not been clear before, let me be now. We are in a war where the "haves" want "It all" and by the way if the population shrivels to a fraction of its former self, well, then there is a lot more stuff left for those who remain.

It's a crazy idea but they have been adept at disguising it. For example, most of my liberal friends think the blacks are making real progress, finally. Obama throws a shing-ding, more black people in Hollywood, and racism is over. They don't seek out the unemployment figures. Broken homes, lost educations, no opportunities.

Racism is not the problem. The problem is capitalism, taken to its farthest extreme.

WaffleStaffel said...

"Aw, you lost me with all the political stuff" - What do you think this is really about? Do you honestly believe this has anything to do with a virus?

"Children are not taught "critical race theory" anywhere I know (except in right-wing imaginations)"

I Work in the Public School System. Critical Race Theory Is Everywhere.
Mandatory teacher training states that "America is a racist country built on racist ideas, use your voice to organize protests"
Critical Race Theory is ESSENTIAL...For Teaching Archeology?
Virginia PTA, NAACP official says 'let them die,' about anti-Critical Race Theory parents
Unions Go All-In on Critical Race Theory, Promising Money and Support to Members Teaching ‘Honest History’

I could go on, I have dozens of bookmarks. I generally try to avoid being snarky or making sweeping, authoritative statements, so I'll just say that you may not have witnessed CRT in your area, but it is beyond dispute that it's being insinuated throughout the country. I am not a right-winger, I am a gay liberal. A true liberal. I know right from wrong, and I know when I'm being manipulated.

You hit the nail on the head, Dr. Nass. In all this racket, one never hears of the most powerful division, the division of class, between the ruling elite and the powerless.

Anonymous said...

"Science and medicine" are being used for the "political stuff". If you understand the big picture and the goals of the elite you can spot the lies in the "science". Dr. Nass sees the bigger picture and how everything ties in together. No one is telling Dr. Nass what to say. She is putting the puzzle pieces together and figuring it out for herself and then enlightening those who will listen. Will you listen?

Anonymous said...

WaffleStaffle, you are an educator! You seriously just crystalized (for me) this dearth of class discussion! The elite's gratuitous pushing of, "racism behind every tree and under every bed!" is to distract us from their outrageous indulgence while they rob us blind and dissolve the middle class. It's more than just to divide and break down Anerica, where they don't want to fit in and refuse responsibility. Thanks.

I'm wondering where the real liberals went. We could use them now, they seem to have gotten quiet as the leftist elites hijacked their party and much of mine. Used to be nice when we could discuss and agree to disagree. Good times.