Sunday, August 8, 2021

Dr. Ryan Cole knocks it out of the park at AFLDS Summit. 17 minutes. Don't miss this.


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WEIRD: Bill Gates 'Smiles' When Suggesting the Nonvaccinated Should Be Withheld Their Social Security Benefits!

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Why the FDA is Attacking NAC Supplements?
Glutathione" levels in fighting Covid?
Note that acetaminophen (Tylenol. Etc) depletes glutathione.
Higher levels in Children? May explain Covid less severe in children?

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His grasps of the myriad adverse events that big media and big government keep hiding -- him ticking them off bam bam bam, a most knowledgeable MD, good stuff!

UVEITIS report

From 1990 — 2021, CDC/VAERS received 470 reports of Uveitis after inoculations.

Total after covid shot = 161, or 34% of all reports; this year = 159 after covid; 2020 = 2 reports of Uveitis after covid shot.

In previous 31 years, 1990 — 2020, non covid VAERS reports, from all other vaccines combined = 309 reports,average = 0.83 per month, non covid shot.

159 Uveitis after covid shots reported in 2021, in 7 months, 22.71 per month.

Or: 27.37 time more likely, 2,366.61% more.

Of the 470: 48 reports of permanent disability, 1990 — 2021.

With 11 permanent disability reported 2021, after covid shot.

1990 — 2020 historical average = 1.19 per year; 0.099 per month.

After covid shot in 7 months = 1.57/mo.; 15.8 times more permanent disability compared 31 year average of VAERS data -- 1,579.89% greater.

VAERS narratives after covid vax, in 2021 include following:

1] 22 year old female, VAERS ID: 1037412-1, Pfizer/Biontech
“she had not recovered from ‘uveitis flare-up’. No follow-up attempts are possible, information about batch/lot number cannot be obtained.”

2] 58 year old Maryland female, VAERS ID: 1182627-1, Moderna
“Uveitis/endophthalmitis/vascular following vitrectomy 10 days post-vaccination, resulting in vision loss”

3] Female, age unknown, VAERS ID: 1193887-1, Pfizer
“facial paralysis on 01Feb2021. . . double vision on 01Feb2021 with outcome of not recovered. case considered serious due to hospitalization, Disabling”

4] 80 year old New York woman, VAERS ID: 1281524-1, Moderna
“Covid-19 Moderna vaccine on 2/8/21. On 3/10/2021 she went to ophthalmologist for normal checkup. . . 3/14/21 started having what she thought was floaters in her left eye, has a history of floaters. Then 3/16/21 got worse with blurred vision in both eyes. . . started on Humira 4/27/21 with goal to taper steroids. Patient has been unable to work due to vision issues.”

5] 28 year old female, 1374829-1, Pfizer
Covid shot on 1/26/2021
“The patient experienced uveitis on 28Mar2021. Prescribed dilating eye drops and steroid drops on 5th April 2021. The event was reported as serious due to medically significant and disability.”

6] 59 year old Kentucky woman, VAERS ID: 1399328-1, Moderna,
” I had retinal detachment from this.”

7] 63 year old male, VAERS ID: 1412097-1, Pfizer
“Acute retinal necrosis; A uveitis was diagnosed; herpes zoster reactivation . . . The event Acute retinal necrosis was assessed as serious (medically significant, disability). The patient has not recovered from floaters, retinal necrosis and uveitis 6 days after onset. The outcome of the events was not recovered.”

8] 43 Delaware woman, VAERS ID: 1433755-1, Pfizer
“Progressive visual loss ‘like a grey curtain’, retinal detachment on eye exam, panuveitis. Started on IV Steroids with minimal improvement thus far.”

9] 39 year old Massachusetts woman, VAERS ID: 1440757-1, Pfizer
“On 6/4/21 I noticed the appearance of many black dots and black squiggly lines in both of my eyes, with the left eye being worse. I have never experienced this problem previously.”
Lab Data reported to VAERS: “Dr. said I had a lot of debris in the middle part of my eye. . . scarring in my left eye. I suspect that it may be vaccine-induced uveitis, due to the fact that I already have at least two other autoimmune diseases, the proximity of appearance of this problem to my 2nd vaccination dose, and the nature of the debris in my eye.”

10] 36 year old Florida woman, VAERS ID: 1475197-1, Pfizer
“Uveitis on left eye causing extreme pain.”
Lab data: “Tests run on 5/24/2021 at Emergency Center: DX X-RAY/CHEST LAB/CHEMISTRY LAB/IMMUNOLOGY LAB/UROLOGY LAB/HEMATOLOGY All came back positive and cause of uveitis was inconclusive.”

11] 66 year old Maryland woman, VAERS ID 1478283-1, Pfizer
“Uveitis and retinal vasculitis symptoms that began on 05/14/2021. Currently under treatment with oral prednisone, has not resolved.”

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Dr. Nass, I haven't seen this mentioned yet on your blog or in the comments up to now. And that is this excellent research by investigative journalist Whitney Webb, "The Wellcome Leap":

She documents the long running nexus among big pharma, big tech, military research and the security state apparatus, and how these players are scripting the next stages to come with their plandemic.

Right now, we are merely at the beginning of what "they" have in store for us.

Ms. Webb outlines her research and its import in this interview with James Corbett:

None of this is speculative or fictional. The cast of characters includes all the usual suspects. When put together with the researched patent documentation exposed by David Martin, as well as the published objectives of the WEF and others, it all fits together of a piece.

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Hopefully someone gets this Video to RFK.Jr?
Hot! Hot! Great Video/Covid and Vaccines!
Indiana doctor drops Vaccine/Covid truth bombs on school board…Dr. Stock

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Dr. Dan Stock MD:
six minutes of sanity.