Friday, August 6, 2021

How many Covid-19 vaccine injuries has the federal government compensated?

 Twelve thousand deaths have been reported to VAERS, along with hundreds of thousands of injuries.

There is only one way to get compensated for an injury, since the manufacturers have had their liability waived.  That way is by filing with the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.  There is a one year statute of limitations after a vaccination, so you need to hurry once your injury is believed to be due to a Covid vaccine.

How many people have been compensated?  Zero

"As of August 2, 2021, the CICP has not compensated any COVID-19 countermeasures claims."

1700 total claims are pending.  686 claims have been filed for Covid vaccine injuries. Some have been adjudicated and denied, but we don't know how many.  The longer that governments hide what they know about injury causation, the more will be denied.

In the 16 year history of this program, $6 million has been paid out for 29 claims.  Only costs of medical care, lost wages and a death benefit can be claimed.

As Mary Holland once said, 'you have the right to file and be denied.'


Anonymous said...

Renz (lawyer who's suing for AFLDS) now says the number of Americans who've died from the shots is much higher than 45,000.

This group now estimates the number of American deaths is 150,000!

Vaccinated people are dying from the shots and all of this talk about "breakthrough cases" is a distraction meant to hide the true cause of death!

Anonymous said...

"The CICP does not maintain its aggregated data concerning alleged countermeasures, including vaccines, by specific manufacturer."

How convenient for the manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ryan Cole — What the Vaccine spike protein does to the body…!