Friday, August 27, 2021

A media bait and switch on ivermectin

STAT News, a medical online news service that includes Pharma-paid content, issued an article by Elizabeth Cooney, citing CDC this morning.  The powers that be fear they are losing control of the suppression of ivermectin, a highly effective drug for Covid that was derived originally from a soil organism in Japan. 

Look at the article for a couple of seconds.  The text says that Ivermectin calls to poison control centers spike.  Immediately below it is a graph with a spike.

Except, the spike is the number of prescriptions for ivermectin that were dispensed by pharmacists during the week of August 13.  I probably wrote some of them.  It has nothing to do with calls to poison control centers.  In fact, though the texts says CALLS to poison centers have spiked, the author only cites two people who took excessive amounts and required hospitalization.  Were the calls perhaps simply inquiring about the drug?

The federal powers that be are trying to stop people accessing this safe and effective drug for Covid.  We must not let them succeed.

Ivermectin calls to poison control centers spike


Last month, U.S. poison control centers fielded five times the pre-pandemic number of calls about ivermectin, the antiparasitic that's been touted to fight Covid-19 despite zero evidence that it works.  The calls align with a recent spike in outpatient ivermectin prescriptions dispensed from retail pharmacies, which climbed to more than 88,000 in the week ending Aug. 13 — a 24-fold increase from before the pandemic. The medicine — which some people got via over-the-counter veterinary formulations — has serious side effects, landing people in hospital emergency rooms. Some people have been ingesting creams or lotions meant for animals. Two examples from the CDC’s warning yesterday:

  • One man drank an injection intended for cattle. He ended up with confusion, drowsiness, visual hallucinations, abnormally rapid breathing, tremors, and a nine-day hospital stay. 
  • One person, later hospitalized, was disoriented and had trouble answering questions and following commands after swallowing five days of tablets bought on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Any problems with people misusing Ivermectin should be blamed squarely on the medical alphabets. They have denied the public access to early treatment, making people desperate enough to take matters into their own hands, instead of being allow to see their own doctors.

Shame on the CDC, NIH and FDA.

Anonymous said...

There is a product commonly called horse paste which is ivermectin and can be obtained at
Tractor Supply which sells an entire pharmacy of such drugs for animals.

I personally know a person who put the gel into capsules and took it to prevent the covid Another friend in MX tells me it is freely available over the counter.

Ivermectin must be coming to the attention of many if the powers that be are fighting back.. Fauci tried to dispel Ivermectin early on so the jabs could g oo market and get billions of funding.

Ivermectin works. There are several places to get it . America's Frontline Doctors for one.

Anonymous said...

1.) What makes Ivermectin a kick-ass antiviral?

2.) During a conversation hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke longingly of a pill that could beat COVID-19. “Give me that and I’ll be really happy,” he said.

Good news, Dr. Fauci: one already exists. It’s called ivermectin. Now if only health organizations would let doctors use it and the media would stop censoring those arguing its promise.

Anonymous said...

These two case descriptions are consistent with ivermectin toxicity. Either too large a single dose or the dose was repeated too often.

Ivermectin is a very lipophilic molecule (binds to fats), so it hangs around for some time in the body (variable length of time depending on the formulation). If you repeat a safe dose too often or too many times, you can end up with accumulation in the bloodstream that amounts to a toxic level for that individual.

At least in animals, a single dose of ivermectin is safe up to about 10x the recommended dose. But repeat that dose the next day and you can see ivermectin toxicity.

Of course, the other two possibilities are (1) toxicity from the other components of the animal formulation, and (2) godknows what was in those pills bought over the internet!

Anonymous said...

‘Ivermectin. Ivermectin. Ivermectin.’!
Tokyo Medical Chairman holds press conference recommending Ivermectin to all doctors, for all Covid patients. Japan’s government is one of the most conservative and cautious in the world. The data is clear.!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news. The Institut Pasteur recognizes the efficacy of Ivermectin. A single intake could in some people eradicate all the genetic material of SARS covid-19. Read well and share.
Good news: Ivermectin is now scientifically recognized as an effective drug, in prophylaxis and for the treatment of Covid-19 by researchers from the Pasteur Institute in France. The results of their studies were published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on July 12, 2021, so it's recent. An analysis of the results of other research published in the American Journal of Therapeutics strongly calls, with supporting evidence, to override the guidelines of health agencies and include Ivermectin as the standard of treatment.