Friday, August 6, 2021

The US case and death graphs weren't scary enough, I guess

So now the WaPO is showing WORLDWIDE Covid case and death numbers, which allows the graph of cases to have that scary parabolic slope.  Google won't let me input the graph, even after laundering it through my photos app, but you can see it at the URL above.

Meanwhile at the NY Times, whose graphs also fail to transfer here, one can see that while cases have been climbing since June, deaths have barely budged.

CDC says that 349 children have died in all of 2020 and 2021 "involving Covid".

The CDC doesn't even tell us how many Covid killed.  In Germany, with 84 million people (25% the US total), the Bild newspaper reported this week that only 20 children had died from or with Covid.

That means, for the US, that only 0.67% (less than 1%) of children who have died from all causes since the start of the pandemic, died with Covid as one of their diagnoses.

And if the real US numbers were closer to the German numbers, we would be looking at about 0.15% of child deaths having any relationship to Covid. (I say 'real' because a number of jurisdictions have been lowering their case and death numbers lately, so we don't know what the real numbers are.)

So the next time you hear we need to mask/distance/vaccinate "for the children," use these statistics and JUST SAY NO.

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Anonymous said...

When all else fails, use a screen-shot capture to show a graph. It's better than nothing....