Tuesday, August 17, 2021

I wrote this for a rally on Saturday in Portland, Maine, which I had to miss

To Healthcare Workers who have been told by the state health department to get a Covid-19 vaccine or lose their ability to work:

1.  The Emergency Use Authorization law, issued to allow unlicensed Covid vaccines to be given, includes 2 important requirements:  

a) the right to refuse and 

b) that there be no alternative, available and approved product. 

Both of these requirements are being ignored. In order to ignore them, illegal actions on the part of multiple federal and state agencies suppressed the use of the chloroquine drugs (first), and later ivermectin too.  Crimes were committed by these government agencies to stop us from learning about, and using these life-saving drugs.

According to previous judicial decisions, the FDA has infinite “discretion”—which means it can do anything it wants, evidence be damned.  And the DHHS Secretary (a lawyer and political hack with no medical training) can even overrule FDA decisions.  So we should expect the vaccines to get licenses, even though they do NOT meet any traditional standards of safety or efficacy.  And then they can be legally mandated.

2.  Side effects have been covered up by federal officials—a non-government study in MGH employees found a rate of anaphylaxis about 100 times what CDC had reported, which was based on a voluntary, inadequate database, VAERS.  Myocarditis is also more frequent than acknowledged. 

While most myocarditis cases never get diagnosed, a 2015 study in soldiers done at Walter Reed found (after smallpox vaccination) that 1 in 30 soldiers had elevated cardiac enzymes (troponin) and one in 220 developed a frank case of myocarditis.  They were not followed to learn the extent of permanent damage.

The long-term adverse effects from the Covid vaccines are not known. After only a median of 2 months after receiving the second dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, or the first dose of J and J's vaccine, the control groups in all the clinical trials were vaccinated.  In other words, the control groups were deliberately obliterated-- so it is now impossible to determine long-term adverse effects from the clinical trials.

3.  As Benjamin Franklin said to patriots in 1976:  "We must all hang together, or assuredly, we will all hang separately.”  If we surrender our liberty today, we should not expect to ever see it again. Our Strength is in our numbers.  The state of Maine cannot afford to lose thousands of healthcare workers. 

The motto of the state of Maine is 'Dirigo,' which is taken to mean that Maine leads the way.  Can Maine lead the nation on this issue?

4.  Let me emphasize how we need to hang together and fight back.  Look at how the system has taken away the autonomy of doctors and nurses, and tried to turn us into robots.  The system has deliberately sucked the pleasure out of our work, and beaten down the quality of medical care. As you know, many patients no longer trust the American medical system. 

When are we going to say enough is enough?  With these “clot shots” the time is here.    Once the government knocks down the first chess pieces, the healthcare workers, the rest of the country will be next, including small children. 

Fight for your patients.  Fight for our children.  Fight for what is right.


Anonymous said...

Inspiring rhetoric, well done.

lynnbrad said...

dr nass; re 'And then they can be legally licensed.'perhaps you mean 'mandated?' i did go to rally in portland. wish you could have read your speech, or, that someone else could have. i spoke with and thanked many nurses and other medical workers, spoke with/tried educating press photographers, and spoke with atty ron jenkins who said his/another one? suit is partially using contractual obligations vs mandating colleges. perhaps this is part of Higher Education Act which basically says a school can't defraud you. read this in sun magazine, nov 2019 pg 9 in article about cancelling student debt. not sure i have ron jenkins email.
please send your speech to the mainestandsup.org website for sharing. they just announced that within first week of this new website, 1000 healthcare workers have pledged to be fired rather than submit to vaccine. this is up from number announced on saturday rally: 800. within first few days. lynn b

Steven Athearn said...

About the unblinding of the Covid vaccine trials, the offering of the vaccine to the placebo group, and the acceptance of the vaccine by the great majority of the placebo group according to press reports at the time, I remain totally perplexed about Pfizer's "six month update" (which I spent a couple of hours examining a bit over a week ago). Can they really be saying that the group that received the vaccine initially shows a 90 percent relative risk reduction for symptomatic infection compared to the other group which received the vaccine a couple months later (a.k.a. "the placebo group")? If so the study can be dismissed out of hand. Nothing more need be said. And I myself find it almost impossible to believe the could have gotten away with something _that_ bad, and still be taken seriously even by knowledgeable critics like Chris Martensen and el gato malo. So I feel like I'm missing something.

The study is comparing two arms, both with about 22,000 people. But if the great majority of the placebo group got the vaccine after unblinding, as reported, those people would either be added to the treatment arm or be removed from the comparison. Say, if all but 1000 of the placebo arm were vaccinated at unblinding, then the comparison for the six month data should be between the 22,000 of the one arm and the remaining 1000 in the other, not two arms that remained at 22,000 people. Or maybe it wasn't true that the overwhelming majority of the placebo group took the vaccine after unblinding. One would still expect the number in the control arm to be smaller. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might want to change the date in point 3. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been seeing a doctor at the VA. He said a couple of months ago that he would never get the clotshot as he knew how dangerous it was. He was worried that it would be mandated by the VA at some point. So, it has now been mandated. I saw him this week and he is distraught. Unfortunately he said, "I think I'm going to take it. I only have 15 years left to retirement." It was so sad and disappointing to see him cave. This is what the powers to be are counting on. It is so very hard to be brave but we must all say no. Everyone not complying is the only answer.