Thursday, August 26, 2021

On October 22, FDA had an advisory meeting to discuss Covid vaccines in general.. The presenters were upbeat, showing loads of new data sets that would-be used to monitor the safety of Covid vaccines

Friday, July 16, 2021.  . REPOST

FDA promised very extensive surveillance for adverse effects of Covid vaccines--presentation to FDA VRBPAC Advisory Committee, October 22, 2020

It should be apparent that FDA was aware by October 22, 2020 of many of the side effects of Covid vaccines that the public only learned about later.  It should also be apparent that FDA (and CDC has access to even more methods for surveillance) has many databases to learn about vaccine safety--whose data are being hidden from the public.  The EUA statute requires that known benefits and risks be provided to potential vaccine recipients.  That is not happening.

The first slide below, "Slide 17" at the URL above, would suggest that FDA was well aware, presumably from the clinical trials, of all the severe adverse events that have subsequently been publicized.  But if FDA knew about these 9 months ago, it has been slow to tell the public.  For instance, we only just learned about Guillain Barre syndrome last week being a known adverse effect.  I have seen no evidence these databases are actually functional.



Anonymous said...

Mister Fauci now talking about ADE in Israel for those Vaccinated!
'90% of Hospitalizations in Israel are people VACCINATED!'
Pfizer made $33 Billion this Year!
Why did the CDC change reporting requirements on Breakout Cases!

Anonymous said...

LA Fire Dept Captain speaks out about the Vaccine, Breathtaking!