Monday, August 23, 2021

Comments in response to FDA's license of Pfizer vax today for 16 years and up

 The vaccine-induced protection provided by Covid vaccines starts fading within months. In late July, Israel’s Minister of Health said vaccine protection had dropped to 39%.  It is not preventing severe illness in Israel and the UK either, though the US CDC changed its collecting methods for breakthrough cases on May 1 to disguise this fact.

While the US government has said it will begin booster doses of mRNA vaccines the week of September 20, there is actually NO evidence that Covid-19 boosters will provide increased protection against infection, or that they are effective against the delta variant or other new variants.

For other vaccines, such as mumps and pertussis, there is no evidence that booster doses after the initial course add measurable protection.

Boosters do raise antibody levels, briefly, which increases the risk of autoimmune adverse effects, immune overactivity and the dire possibility of antibody-enhanced disease (AED), a.k.a. vaccine-enhanced disease (VED), in which those who are vaccinated have a much more severe illness when exposed to Covid than do the unvaccinated.

Since the UK’s top vaccine expert Sir Andrew Pollard  told Parliament  2 weeks ago that herd immunity cannot be obtained—in fact it is a “myth”-- because the vaccine is not halting transmission, and since the CDC director confirmed this, there is no logical reason to mandate vaccinations for anyone, since the vaccines are not protecting the community.

Mandating vaccinations for the young and healthy, who are at minimal risk from Covid, but at increased risk from Covid vaccinations, is a travesty.  The risk of myocarditis after vaccination in a male teenager is 50 times higher than the risk to a 65 year old, according to CDC data.  The teenager has many years ahead of him, while the long-term side effects from Covid vaccines have yet to be identified.

Reported deaths following Covid vaccinations are at least 10 times higher than for any vaccine ever approved in the US. Yet FDA and CDC have never explained the causes of these deaths, and they pretend they do not exist.

This fact alone should have been sufficient to stop FDA granting a license to the Pfizer vaccine.

Here is the convoluted license-plus-authorization letter from FDA.  This could be a bait and switch--see the next post.

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Anonymous said...

What baffles me about the need for boosters - of the very same vaccines that proved to be too leaky to prevent either transmission or serious illness - is that they are all delivering or generating the spike protein from the original strain of the virus. However, the spike protein is where some of the most significant genetic variations have occurred as this virus has adapted and morphed over the past 18+ months. So, what on earth makes the "public health" officials think that boosters of the original vaccines will be any more effective against these newer strains of the virus? Such boosters would simply 'goose' the immune system to produce more antibodies against a viral protein that is no longer in wide circulation, wouldn't they?

Bizarre. Mass psychosis amongst the scientific community, in addition to the halls of power.