Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Sharyl Atkisson lays out the benefits of recovered immunity vs the leaky immunity of vaccination--excellent



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'Mucosal Immunity in COVID-19: A Neglected but Critical Aspect of SARS-CoV-2 Infection'.
Moreover, it is possible that mucosal immunity can be exploited for beneficial diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic purposes.

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First autopsy of dead person vaccinated for covid found to contain spike proteins in every bodily organ!

Vaccine regret is about to become the new “Pandemic”.

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I wonder if each State's Public Health's did this?
If this information is correct?
Did they independently validate all the PCR Tests? Not picking up Common Cold or Flu? No Flu 2020-2021?
Did they actually Isolate the Virus, and confirm that use in all the PCR testing?
Did they ask the CDC if the Virus was isolated? Plus they received direct evidence that the Virus was isolated?
Did they review all the contents of the Vaccines, including those covered under alleged Trade Secrets?
Is their Graphene Oxide in the Vaccines? Plus the Spike Proteins do not stay in the Arm Muscle is rumored?

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1.) Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day
Double-blind study shows Ivermectin reduces disease’s duration and infectiousness • FDA and WHO caution against its use? Loss Of $$$$$?
2.) New Study Links Ivermectin To "Large Reductions" In COVID-19 Deaths!

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Attorney Thomas Renz says "Based on our statistical analysis If you are under 30 the "vaccine" is more likely to kill you than save you. "

NEW: 1 in 1000 chance of your child becoming paralyzed
Clinical trials show that there is approximately 1 in 1000 chance in paralysis in kids receiving the injection. The FDA has not investigated this. Why? Is this not important to look into? Children have zero statistical chance of death from Covid.

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I can not understand, develop a vaccine with no measure to prove effectiveness or to prove natural immunity. Seems to me the focus should be on developing a test for immunity. Has science just lost it way. The next logical step to stop this stupidity is pressure to develop the titer showing or not immunity. This would prove or not vaccine working, safety issues of vaccine whole other issue, or natural immunity effective. The vaccine manufacturers I would think would be all over this to prove their product works yet there seems to be no movement from them to develop such a titer.
This elephant in the room needs to be addressed to restore confidence back in science and research. The technology is there just needs to be put into the formal test. Thinking memory T-Cells base on the board literature, where one should look.

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2.) Tragic Loss of Life Following COVID-19 Injections.

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Who is Alina Chan?


A vaccine fanatic, apparently.

Another 'scientist' with fragmented consciousness.

"The vaccine works best in young healthy people. For some subset of people, eg elderly, the vaccine may not induce sufficient lasting protection against severe disease. That’s why boosters are being suggested (but have implications wrt vaccine equity)."

I'll go out on a limb and she she either does not understand VE, or for reasons she dare not say: Chan is just another B S A pushing a narrative that is maiming and killing people despite public health knowledge that suggest there are superior alternatives to the nonsense of which she has accepted as The Dogma to do what, I have no idea. . . .

A safe and effective vax is expected to block infection so that mutations created by a failure to kill it do not run amok [as was predicted by actual scientists now occurring].

As Dr. Mercola, MD elegantly says:
Mercola: “Viruses mutate all the time, and if you have a vaccine that doesn’t block infection completely, then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person. That is one of the distinct features of the COVID shots — they’re not designed to block infection. They allow infection to occur and at best lessen the symptoms of that infection.”

“In an unvaccinated person, the virus does not encounter the same evolutionary pressure to mutate into something stronger. So, if SARS-CoV-2 does end up mutating into more lethal strains, then mass vaccination is the most likely driver,” he said.

As Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, put it: “This is called community spread, and when you cannot identify where the virus was picked up, and you refuse to treat contacts with effective post-exposure drugs, then Track and Trace is simply an expensive, bad joke.”

And worse, our hysterical CDC director is trying to pretend she and her agency don’t know where the spread is originating!

And we also have more fantasy, masquerading as science from New England Journal of Medicine, dateline July 21, 2021.

This NEJM work on behalf of big pharma — and not on our behalf at all — has been recently used to create the illusion that cov vax VE can do what has never been, regards influenza vax’.

“With the BNT162b2 vaccine, the effectiveness of two doses was 93.7%” NEJM says, and also states: “88.0% (95% CI, 85.3 to 90.1) among those with the delta variant.”

This is hyped at top of this paper, in third paragraph under results.

Fourth paragraph: “This finding would support efforts to maximize vaccine uptake with two doses among vulnerable populations. (Funded by Public Health England.)”

Way down,
27th paragraph: “The numbers of cases and follow-up periods are currently insufficient for the estimation of vaccine effectiveness against severe disease, including hospitalization and death.”


Here is the NEJM, publishing a paper titled, “Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines against the B.1.617.2 (Delta) Variant” — and none of the 12 authors, plus “et al.” — none of them had the skill set to recognize they are violating the VE definition!

“Vaccine efficacy/effectiveness (VE) is measured by calculating the risk of disease among vaccinated and unvaccinated persons and determining the percentage reduction in risk of disease among vaccinated persons relative to unvaccinated persons.”


VE includes measuring against disease — whether mild, moderate, severe, and deadly.

And this, published in NEJM.

Pssst, but don't tell this to the "fact" "checkers", those buffoons that apparently believe science is what you are bribed to say.

Here's one of the fact checking useless idiots attacking Dr. Peter McCullough MD, a brave and honorable man.