Thursday, June 3, 2021

One author has encapsulated everything I have been saying about the Covid vaccines and drugs for the past year

This is a fairly no-nonsense read, easily digestible.  His article makes me wonder whether, in my effort to provide breaking news and analysis, I have lost the woods for the trees.  My stories are broken up into so many pieces (hundreds of blog posts since the start of the pandemic and about 1500 overall) that the whole story almost never gets told in one piece.

In this article, author Steve Kirsch tells you everything you would want to know about the vaccines, the drug treatments, and even veers into Fauci's coverup.  Enjoy.


Ron Goes said...

Came across another gem from Trial site News.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass - your site is extremely valuable. There are so many dimensions to this story -- and the story itself is so fluid and dynamic -- there is no way a single simple post can capture it all. We need you!!! As to the post you link to, I personally found it annoying. Despite documenting the terrifying effects of the "vaccine", and the importance of early _treatment in successful recovery, that author again is one who feels compelled to compulsively repeat and reiterate how wonderful he thinks the vaccines are, mRNA and Moderna and the like. It's mind bending. Has he not yet been fully convinced and committed to his own truth? Again Dr. Nass, we need you. Excellent discussion on Kevin Barrett's podcast by the way, sorry you did not have adequate time at the end for the importance of your FDA petition.

olddochall said...

This article is the most unbiased article I have read yet. They summarize the influence money has had, how it suppresses good research and the scientific process which has worked for decades producing valid treatments and vaccines, yes treatment first. Respected and trusted physicians along with researchers who are speaking out, mainstream media surprising them. True numbers and there meaning not being published or promoted to the public by agencies entrusted with protecting us. This article addresses it all with what I see is no favoritism for either side. This should be on all the mainstream media I pose the question why and let people draw their own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

There is no better summary of past 12-16 months than 55 minutes of Dr. Meryl Nass, recent interview.

She explains known facts, and rational theories, too, potential explanations on how some of this happened, as it did, at:

Release of thousands of pages of Fauci emails can fill in more blanks with facts; however, too much is redacted.

One thing that sticks out in emails, not all of them, by the way, directly related to Fauci: is utter lack of how to treat this disease, by his team, and other MDs that are deemed to have known this was essential, and did nothing.

In addition, directly related to Fauci; they demonstrate him being told point blank early on about prophylactic treatments. And doing nothing, zero, to treat patients.

Emails show Carter Mecher, M.D., who in early 2020, Department of Veterans Affairs senior adviser to the Office of Public Health, -- show him: barking up a tree about need to take swift action to protect people, quarantines, concern about health providers, system being overwhelmed, etc.

And, TOTALLY having nothing to say about treatments, nothing.

Though the Mecher material is included in the just release package of Fauci emails, much of it was released in April 2020, when NYTimes and Military.Com reported on it, including Mecher closely following Diamond Princess, saying how using that data would be.

[In 2008, Mecher was Director for Medical Preparedness Policy on the White House Homeland Security Council ]

Among the usefulness of the Fauci email release is showing how much was already known, by many, no later than January 2020. . . and compare this with what looks like, in many states: an "ON PURPOSE" effort to do nothing until March.

And: clearly demonstrates the queer federal response, from at least January 2020 forward -- with Dr. Fauci in charge of this.

However, the major media at this point are taking the liberty to be incoherent, again, and play games, framing this as partisan political this and that: Following apparent lead of those, in power, in Washington DC, and in other western capitals. . . so the snow job continues. . . .

The Nass interview states NATO countries, the West -- all did nothing to treat illness; compared to the Global South and East, which did.

Anonymous said...

We love reading the trees and are glad we have you as a guide!
Keep up your outstanding work.