Saturday, June 5, 2021

Chris Martenson has more emails that help fill in details of the Fauci/Farrar/Collins coverup of lab origin

I will fill in more details on his video later.  He makes clear, with a series of emails, that the three primary conspirators pulled in the scientists to create the fake science on which the natural origin claim was based.  Martenson also expands the cast of characters.

Why was Farrar so involved in this cleanup?  Had he too funded the GOF research?  Why was Patrick Vallance pulled in, representing the UK government and probably GSK?  Why was Ron Fourchier involved, the Dutch scientist who had passaged bird flu to make it transmissible by air?  Marion Koopmans, who recently got a generous grant, was a member of the WHO team that "investigated" the origin of the outbreak in Wuhan. Here is evidence of Koopmans changing her story.  She and Fourchier are both at Erasmus.  Why were these two Dutch scientists brought into the coverup?

I'm still investigating.  Send me what you find, for attribution or not.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

2 years ago, hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Wuhan-CoV and Doctors Fauci and Peter Daszak et al. as the George Kennan of Virology? [1]

Kennan, whose name bears the ideology of Containment [Russia-phobia to expand US-UK-led Western Empire] [1947]; Fauci and Daszak, whose names bear ideology of natural occurring [2020] Sars Cov 2 virus.

Fauci et al., like many in his field: worship the Vaccine; that being sacred -- irrespective of any true safety and efficacy.

That’s their religion -- and recall: he pushed and pushed and pushed for an AIDS vaccine to cure HIV virus; but where is it?

And recall there remain some dispute on whether the HIV virus directly causes the AIDS disease.

To this date, there is no evidence to demonstrate how the HIV became infectious via human to human spread, though it is often conjectured this was “naturally occurring.” In fact, this myth become a “scientific” “fact.”

Fauci et al. . . says African’s ate infected “bushmeat.” And voila. He uses the HIV example to justify his Sars Cov 2 narrative.

And this is another religion or myth Doctors Fauci and Daszak et al. . . . share: ideology of naturally occurring virus even when overwhelming or even some evidence to contrary.

These two on Feb. 9, 2020 shared their Shamanisms in a 45 minute audio show hosted by Newt Gingrich, in his podcast number 56 of “Newt’s World,” titled: “Episode 56: China’s Coronavirus”.

This can be found at

Kennan turned out to be a useful idiot for the enforcers of empire, the military, [of which the US CDC is beholden to and is a part of].

While no one deserves more than Fauci to be prosecuted for his advocacy of what his heinousness since 2020 has wrought, it may also be wise to carefully continue to scrutinize the degree to which he is also a useful idiot and a Patsy.

In other words: to what degree was Fauci driving the bus, and/or to what degree was he following the Orders of Western Empire?

The Fish Rots From The Head.

Anonymous said...

Fauci emails unmask the face covering debacle [2]

For more than a year: to mask or not to mask has been the question – and the controversy is one Dr. Anthony Fauci himself helped spread with his own flip-flops on the matter, resulting in egg on his face.

Fauci emails demonstrate: his initial pronouncements on whether to, or not, wear a mask – including that they should only be worn by those who are ill -- was not a temporary lapse, or slip of the tongue.

Rather, demonstrate: this was boilerplate science, fully endorsed by the agency he has led for decades, the National Institute of Allergy [NIAID] and Infectious Diseases, which is part of the federal National Institutes of Health.

The NIH says they are “the nation's medical research agency, supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into health.”

Fauci’s key role – advising President Trump and now President Biden – made him the go-to guy for the science of all things COVID-19.

More than a year ago, he first discouraged wearing masks, then said to wear them.

What changed?

The simple answer is that in April 2020, another federal agency, an arm of the military, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, issued "guidance" – saying everyone should mask up, period, as a means to protect public health, inside and outdoors.

From then on, Fauci went along with the CDC.

But prior to the initial CDC guidance that came two months later -- according to a Feb. 11 email to Fauci -- he was asked by an editor of The Pharmacist’s Letter, published by TRC Healthcare, to review material they would be publishing in March 2020.

The TRC website says: “Because we believe that eliminating knowledge gaps and educating front-line clinicians is an essential ingredient in improving patient outcomes, we are therefore committed to delivering the most current and relevant evidence-based information available.”

The Pharmacist’s Letter, story published, was titled: “Reinforce Infection Control In Light of Coronavirus.”

The Pharmacist’s Letter asked Fauci “to review what we have written for accuracy and content. Please share any comments or changes you may have on the article.”

The Feb. 11 email to Fauci included a draft of contents planned for publication the next month.

Fauci responded by forwarding the email to Dr. Andrea M. Lerner, M.D. She is a Medical Officer in the NIAID Office of the chief of staff.

Fauci told Lerner: “Please take a look at this and respond for me,” according to his Feb. 11, 2020 email.

The draft Pharmacist’s Letter, in the February email to Fauci – in section specific to masks, began as follows:
“Clear up confusion about masks. Emphasize that masks are for SICK patients.”

And says, in part, “discourage surgical masks for most patients withOUT symptoms. . . there’s no evidence they help. They’re too loose to limit inhaling germs. . .and viruses can also get in through the eyes.”

The published version in March says: “Clear up mask confusion. Caution that unnecessary use is leading to shortages.”

And says: “Discourage masks for most people withOUT symptoms. Masks are too loose to keep all germs out. . .and viruses can get in through the eyes.”

The Physician’s Letter, in a subsequent note, to the March 2020 edition, alerted readers the following month to the April 2020 CDC guidance, and said henceforth, refer to the CDC.

“4/14/20 – This article was published before CDC released recommendations about cloth face coverings in public settings, available here*. Please keep in mind that guidance is changing quickly. Refer to the CDC for the most current recommendations.”

*The link referred to is at: and indicating CDC mask-wearing guidance was last updated on April 21, 2021 for this URL.

Anonymous said...

Great thread on codes used to redact in the emails involved in coverup. From one of the DRASTIC crew, Billy.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Yes, very interesting thread. Note also that in the Vanity Fair article that came out this past week, a former State Dept person notes that there is a large GOF contingent within the federal government.

If so, it isn't about vaccine research. That is always the fallback position: we are doing DEFENSIVE vaccine research. But let's be honest: GOF is at a minimum dual use, and often simply souped up germ warfare work.

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Looks like Kristian Andersen has deleted his Twitter account.