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Here is why I believe the Nature Medicine Authors were longstanding government agents, in addition to having real science jobs.

Probably the reason I looked at the Nature Medicine paper carefully was that I knew 2 of its authors.  I had contacted Robert Garry about 22 years ago, when he and Pam Asa were claiming that squalene had caused Gulf War syndrome and was the cause of the illnesses that followed anthrax vaccinations.  I purchased a vial of a novel vaccine adjuvant from Fisher Scientific (this was when the adjuvant was owned by a small company, before these adjuvants were traded off to Glaxo and Novartis for $billions) and had it shipped to Garry to see if soldiers had antibodies to it.  I think the adjuvant was MF59, but I am not positive.  Garry told me the sera he had were negative for antibodies. Looking back, I doubt he did the experiment.  It cost me about $100, but now I have the story to tell.

Later, Garry's co-investigator Pam Asa accused me of being an "agent" in her interactions with soldiers and veterans, which got back to me. I didn't talk to Garry after that. 

Then, in 2014, I found out that the same Bob Garry was running a Lassa/Ebola lab in Kenema before and during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.  Kenema was ground zero for the Ebola outbreak.  Soon his grant was cancelled. Hmmm. To get the lab out of there before questions were asked?

One more Garry connection.  He has no real history with human vaccines, he is not an MD, yet Bob Garry joined a Brighton Collaboration committee titled "Sensorineural hearing loss as an adverse event following immunization." This group sets vaccine safety standards (or lack thereof) which Brighton wants the whole world to adopt.  Brighton is funded by CDC and recently moved to Atlanta. Is Garry there to help control the narrative on vaccine side effects? Truly bizarre.

Then in 2020 I learned that although Garry is a professor at Tulane, in New Orleans, he had formed a biodefense company in Germantown, Maryland, halfway between Washington, DC and Fort Detrick (which is in Frederick, Maryland).  Okay.  By this time I felt pretty convinced that Bob Garry was an undercover agent who got called on to carry out unusual operations, while masquerading as a microbiology professor and biodefense entrepreneur.

He was sought for the Feb 1-2 calls with Fauci/Farrar/Collins but could not be reached.  Still, he coauthored the Nature Medicine article.

Ian Lipkin, MD was the other name I knew.  Lipkin had done research and published lots of papers on chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease.  But somehow he never got the right answers, no treatments ever worked, he never contributed any new understanding.  Yet he was extremely well funded.  I think his work was central to the false narratives about those 2 conditions, which officially have no accepted treatments.  

Lipkin had been in China at the start of the pandemic.  He is very close to the Chinese, as is Eddie Holmes--both teach and are celebrated in China.  In March 2020 Lipkin came down with Covid after he was home.  He caught it in New York.  He was interviewed for TV while he was sick, and probably was too impaired to lie well. By chance I caught the interview.  He said he had been offered convalescent serum by his Chinese counterparts, but instead decided to take hydroxychloroquine, at the suggestion of his doctor.

Lipkin was the mastermind of the Judy Mikovits XMRV research published in Science that got retracted.  Basically, Judy's story is that he double-crossed her:  after initially collaborating on the research, he destroyed her and it.  

By chance (don't ask me to explain these coincidences, because I can't) I once spent time with Lipkin's ex-lover at an immunology conference, and got an earful.  Lipkin too seemed like an agent, while he holds an authoritative position at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia U.

What about the other 3 authors, all of whom I believe came from the UK?  (K. Andersen trained in the UK but is from Denmark.) When I mentioned this story to my friend Ed Hooper (the author of the acclaimed book The River), both of us were shocked to learn that he had had run-ins with Garry, Rambaut and Holmes himself!  The plot thickened. Holmes and Rambaut had publicly disputed the theory Hooper had masterfully written about, which marshalled the evidence that AIDS came from polio vaccine grown for Hilary Koprowski on monkey kidneys in the Belgian Congo.  Might Fauci have put these two up to it back then?

Every one of the authors (except Andersen, the youngest) seemed to me to have been a scientist plus 'operative' for many years. 

And how did these 5 come together to write this paper?  Holmes is in Sydney, Andersen in California, Garry in New Orleans, Lipkin in NYC and Rambaut in Edinburgh.  Garry and Lipkin weren't in the same field as the others.  The tie that bound them seemed to be that all were willing to carry out nefarious schemes. And all were apparently trusted to carry out the coverup by Fauci, Farrar and Collins. 

Here is what I wrote about this topic in May 2020:

Friday, May 1, 2020

Spooky history: 3 scientists who tried to silence debate on the possible lab origin of COVID-19, previously tried to kill debate on the origin of AIDS

Ed Hooper took a very deep dive into the origin of AIDS in his highly lauded book, The River. How did HIV jump species from monkey to man?  While blamed by some on the consumption of bush meat, Hooper suggested that the use of monkey kidneys to manufacture live polio vaccines, in the Belgian Congo, was a much more likely explanation.  Today, the consumption of bat meat has been offered as the route by which SARS-CoV-2 leapt to humans.

Nature Medicine ran a highly cited (including by the Director of the NIH, Francis Collins) article on March 17 which insisted that it was the final word on the subject of COVID'S origin, and should "end any speculation about deliberate genetic engineering." Yet the argument was full of holes.

While there are many curious things about that article, which I and others have noted, Ed Hooper discovered an astonishing coincidence.  Three of the five authors of the Nature Medicine paper had tried to influence him regarding the origin of AIDS, separately, many years earlier. Two of them had debated him and published papers insisting they had disproved the oral polio vaccine theory of AIDS origin.  The third author, a virologist who frequently strays from virology, had 2 peculiar encounters with Hooper, and claimed AIDS had been around for hundreds of years. 

This coauthor, Robert Garry, also had some run-ins with me about 21 years ago.  His research partner on the issue of anti-squalene antibodies in anthrax vaccine, Pam Asa, claimed to a number of sick soldiers and veterans, who then related the story to me, that I (Meryl Nass) was an intelligence asset.  

Garry and Asa attempted to misdirect the discourse on the cause of anthrax vaccine's toxicity. They reported it was exclusively due to squalene. Had their claim been accepted, anthrax vaccines that omitted squalene would have been wrongly deemed safe.

You have to scratch your head. Are these scientists longstanding members of a "clean-up" crew, whose role is to misdirect us from a potential laboratory contribution in the two most deadly epidemics of modern times?  And to misdirect us about potential safety issues in vaccines? 

The Bible says, "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

Here are Ed Hooper's thoughts on the debate regarding the origins of COVID-19 and AIDS.
You know, as I write these things down, I can hardly believe that I have crossed paths with so many people who were involved with the anthrax letters and Covid coverups.  I think it is because there is a fairly small biodefense fraternity.  And while I was never a member, I did important independent research, and a lot of people respected that, and were happy to talk to me.  I was on the outside looking in.  And I soon learned that when you were dealing with anthrax and bioterrorism, a number of scientists moonlighted as spooks. My first paper on biodefense was published 30 years ago, so there has been a lot of time to accumulate encounters. 

Everything I write here is the truth, and I provide details so it can be checked. I am trying to leave a record for humanity in this blog.


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The Death of Westernism as Global Hegemonic Project

Vietnam, a nation USA [AND WESTERN EMPIRE] militarily and economically, terrorized, massacred and laid wast with reckless and wanton bombing, napalm, bio and germ warfare etc. that included throwing captive Vietnamese out of helicopters if they didn't "talk"[ditto Korea] -- has among the lowest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world, rate of:

Vietnam, 5 deaths per 10,000,000 involving this virus.

USA -- at that rate -- with 325,000,000 people: would only have 166 deaths. [Feel free to do the math, compare and contrast with rest of NATO and those nations under its boot.]

Note that Vietnam, no later than February 2020: mandated their government policy -- to administer Chloroquine treatment.

And simultaneously: ongoing clinical trials on this inexpensive and highly effective treatment for the Sars Cov 2 virus.

From Feb. 20, 2020, Vietnamnet Global:

Among other things, this -- this is Westernism: a conscious decision to murder your own people in the West: first by denying treatment; then by pushing dangerous and deadly "vaccines." In fact the vaccines as a medical reality are killing more than virus otherwise would have in the West, had known treatments been the government policy in the NATO etc. nations.

Which of course begs the obvious question: there was ZERO ZERO ZERO need for any vaccine.

What is the next act: a comprehensive war crimes and crimes against humanity trial; or more of same, more deception, more crimes and brutality, more crimes against humanity?

OPERATION-CORONA-9-1-1 succeeded in dividing USA citizens even more, with majestically tragic social consequences. [Wanton smearing of Dr. Nass, for example, just by her stating there are questions about this virus natural occurring].

This ubiquitous moral turpitude, its various and sundry [and sinister forms]: did not appear by magic. This was no "random event".

The social consequences alone, of this ongoing crime still in progress --- the massive and unprecedented violation of all our civil rights --- how can justice be done, even just on this dimension of this mother of all crimes against humanity?

Fauci runs free, the military leaders complicit in it run free, Trump runs free, Gates, Biden, Wallensky, etc. . . they all, criminals, --- these have no place in civilized society -- absent paying for their crimes, and many many many others here in particular and West in general. Every president and prime minister in the western capitals. . . they are not even human beings yet; and yet they are political leaders of richest nations in human history.

But they won't pay, and . . . this is what chaos therefore looks like and how it is created in the first place. This is why this happens: actual criminals in charge. Who have zero interest in sanctity of human life, and take the liberty to wreck our lives; these ones have no conscience.

Hitler may have perished in a bunker circa 1945; his ghost lives in every Western Capital. We are the Nazis; his de-facto Progeny.

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"But they won't pay..." Oh yes they will.

"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil." 2 Corinthians 5:10

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With the lies pouring out from official sources, couldn’t it happen as often does, honest individuals echoing hard to decipher official lies handed out unaware not true?