Saturday, June 5, 2021

My 4 recent interviews: the Fauci emails with Bobby Kennedy, and the Children's Health Defense FDA petition to stop Covid vaccine approval and revoke authorization

June 3:  Bobby Kennedy interviewed me on the Fauci email revelations and their stunning implications

May 28:  Kristina Borjesson interviewed me regarding the criminal behaviors of federal agencies laid out in the FDA petition.  Please do read and comment here if you agree!

May 27:  Kevin Barrett interviewed me about the petition

May 25:  Steve Bhaerman interviewed me about the petition


Anonymous said...

Your commitment to truth and real care for people comes through. Hard hitting interview with Kennedy. You continue to be believable because you're considered, deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Has the Lancet retracted the March 07, 2020 paper?
Is there a push to do so?
Seems The Lancet has quite a bit of egg on it's face over this and the HCQ studies that they also had to retract.
I wonder what other scientific misconduct have they perpetrated?